Tutors - An Interview with Carol Flynn
Tutors - An Interview with Carol Flynn

DISCRETION caught up with Carol Flynn, who has responsibility for Greycoat Childcare and Education’s specialist Tutor desk. We thought a quick Q & A would be the ideal way to introduce Carol and the fabulous Tutor service Greycoat is now offering.
D: Carol, what makes a good Tutor?
C: A good Tutor will have experience working in a school covering the National Curriculum and the various Key Stages and some Tutor experience in Private Households. He/She will be organised, patient, flexible and will have the ability to motivate students to learn and achieve their full academic potential. The Tutor must be adaptable and should the lesson plan need to be adjusted in any given session, then he/she must have to skills to do so. The Tutors’ communications skills must be exemplary as they must discuss and explain everything in detail to both the student and the parents. The ideal Tutor will provide a verbal and written report at the end of each session or on a monthly basis.  
D: Do Tutors have to be qualified teachers?
C: Ideally, yes - either Primary, Secondary or ESL Teachers, as they will have a more comprehensive understanding of the academic structure required for lessons
D: We know that all jobs are different, but what would a client typically want from a Tutor or what is the most common request you hear from clients?
C: The majority of our requests are for Tuition for students preparing for Common Entrance Exams – 8+ and 11+, English Tutors, Maths Tutors for all age groups, specialist Language Tutors or Business English Tutors. However, we do also get requests for those seeking Tutors for assistance with preparation for GCSE and A Level exams.
Currently we have many Music Tutors, Language Tutors, English Tutors and Primary School teachers available to work with children and adults. These candidates are available up to 5 afternoons per week for 1 – 3 hour sessions.  
D: Is there an average salary for an after-school Tutor? Does it depend on levels of experience or the subject taught?
C: The salary does depend on the candidate’s experience and qualifications. The range is from £30 - £45 per hour.
D: What is the difference between a Tutor and a Governess?
C: A Tutor will work part time hours in addition to teaching in schools. They will be employed by clients on a short term basis ie, a few weeks up to 3 months or they may employ the Tutor for the full academic year where the Tutor will work with the student every week for an agreed number of hours.
A Governess is normally employed on a live in permanent basis. They will have a background in Teaching and occasionally they have experience working as a Nanny in private household. They mostly work for International families, where they are based overseas, but travel extensively. The Governess works 60 – 70 hours per week, up to 6 days per week. They are employed specifically to educate the children after school, mostly to teach these school age children English or other languages, complete homework, organise educational day trips and work to develop their cultural experiences, such as visiting art galleries, museums, exhibitions etc. The Governess must teach the children etiquette, manners and manage behaviour. The salaries for these roles range from £600 - £1100 net per week. 
D: What is your background, Carol? Have you been in recruitment for a long time?
C: I am a qualified Montessori teacher who worked for 7 years with children from aged 3 – 8 years in Ireland and Australia. I also worked as a Tutor for over 7 years for a child who had Special Educational Needs. Since 2000 I have worked as a Recruitment Consultant/Managing Director of a Nanny and Maternity Nurse agency in Ireland. I relocated to the UK earlier this year and joined Greycoat as the consultant for the new Tutor/Governess desk.
D: What do you think is the most important quality you bring to the job when dealing with your clients and candidates?
C: With my teaching and Tutor background and my 11 years experience interviewing potential candidates, I am very in tune with the type of person who is suitable for the Tutor roles. I believe that customer service is key to the success of any recruitment desk and pride myself in the fact that I will keep in regular contact with both clients and candidates and inform them of the progress with their application. 
For further information about our Tutor service, contact Carol on 020 7233 9950 or email her: carolf@greycoatchildcare.co.uk 
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