Houseparent job in Bath, Starting September

Location United Kingdom
Sector Childcare & Education
Job Role Pastoral Care / Schools
Job Type Permanent vacancy
Salary See below
Job Number  45638
Created 01 September 2017

Houseparent job in Bath, Starting September, Salary £20,000


Job description and person specification


This independent school is a secondary co-educational day and boarding school for 11 to 18 year olds, set in 148 acres of a picturesque country estate just outside the City of Bath.


Job Overview

 As part of the House-Parenting team provide a safe, caring boarding environment that enriches the lives of the students in the care of the school.

 To have a good understanding of Boarding Schools National Minimum Standards and the Schools duty of statutory care obligations for the compulsory school age.

 To prioritise the safeguarding, welfare and health and safety of students above all other duties and be familiar with statutory safeguarding and child protection requirements, as well as relevant school policy.

 Under the guidance of the School Director/Management, implement procedures in the boarding houses and proactively evaluate and improve standards of welfare support for students.


Key responsibilities and capabilities

Duty of Care

 To prioritise the safeguarding, welfare and health and safety of students above all other duties and be familiar with statutory and child protection needs and requirements as well as relevant school policy.

 To be part of an effective House-Parent team, working under the direction of the School Director to maintain the highest possible standards of care and support for students.


 To work closely with the student management ensuring student bad attendance and negative behaviour is challenged and managed.

 To monitor and support any student who has expressed concerns or has been raised as a cause for concern and liaising with the appropriate management.

 To report students’ illnesses to the School Nurse/School Director by 8:00am weekday mornings or, in the case if ab emergency, to call the appropriate emergency serves and thereafter the senior members of the schools team on out of hour’s duty.

 To ensure that residence rules are followed in accordance with the Student Handbook, notices and residential student induction information and to record any breaches by students of house rules and where appropriate make direct contact with the relevant member of staff.

 To monitor student behaviour and where this unacceptable, to record any such events and inform the relevant school staff.

 To monitor guests to the residence, making sure all guest have left with No overnight guests permitted.

 To ensure that every student is up in the morning ready for breakfast served in the school dining hall and thereafter their first lesson by leaving the residence in plenty of time.

 To assist all relevant staff in the event of an investigation into a breach of safeguarding, welfare, child protection or health and safety statutory law or school policy.

 To fully induct all students upon arrival

 To participate in regular meetings with the School Director and management team.


The post holder will also:

 Work within the guidelines and policy and procedure requirements laid down by the school policies in such matters as Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Risk Management and Equality and Diversity.

 Demonstrate day to day commitment to the School’s Core values.

 Be required to carry out such reasonable additional duties as may from time to time be determined by Senior Management.

 To be mindful of the need to ensure all School students receive a high level of care and discipline at all times (consistent with the Staff Handbook).

 To promote the good name of the school through conduct towards students, parents, agents and other parties, and attendance at school events.

 To adhere at all times to school standards.



Job number: 45638

Consultant: Kaisha Hastu

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