Nutritionist Chef in Mykonos and London

Location Greece
Sector Catering & Hospitality
Job Role Chef
Job Type Temporary vacancy
Salary See below
Job Number  45379
Created 09 August 2017




10th September- 20th September - London

23rd September - 7th October - Mykonos, Greece

13th -17th October - between London



Specialist chef to cater for 3 adults, all women. 3 meals per day with occasional healthy snacks. The chef will be required to create simple, light and healthy, balanced meals. The client loves the food to look pretty, elegant and delicate. They eat mostly vegetarian food, with the occasional fish dish. Lots of nice salads and fresh fruit and vegetables, incorporating colour and flavour. Portion control is vital and the chef must have a good idea of how to balance the clients diet, so she is not constantly hungry.


Accommodation available.


Salary: £200 per day


Responsible Consultant: Natalie Cleary

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