Operations Manager

Location United Kingdom
Sector Corporate Staffing
Job Role Management
Job Type Permanent vacancy
Job Number  45752
Created 07 September 2017



A client of Greycoat Lumleys is looking for an Operations Manager to join their busy catering company.

Overall Objectives:

  1. To manage all the operations activities of the catering company

    1. To run the temporary staffing agency, providing temporary front of house staff

    2. To manage the front of house team at some events

    3. To manage the hire, cellar and warehouse managers and their departments

    4. To ensure all events are well planned and executed

  2. To develop and manage control systems across the company to improve accountability and increase profitability

  3. To manage the fabric of the company’s buildings


The right candidate must be a good communicator, be organised, enthusiastic, motivated, dependable and technical. They must also show initiative and good leadership skills, as well as being able to run the team with good humour. The right candidate must also have experience of working with different London venues, and have catered for numbers up to about 1,000.

Job Role





  • Manages, recruits, supervises, controls and develops all operations and support services for the following areas:

  • Hire & Cellar Manager

  • Warehouse/transport manager

  • Building management




  • Ensures all departments work smoothly together to achieve maximum efficiency, service standards and profit




  • Health and safety (excepting food safety)

  • Insurance

Health and Safety


  • Adhere to Health and Safety policies, procedures, and regulations. Both at events and our premises

  • Ensure all new staff are fully inducted into the systems, policies and methods

  • Ensure premises and paperwork is ready at all times for EHO or other inspection

  • Risk assessments



  • Ensures all events are properly planned in good time. Working with EPs and Ops staff

  • Ensures operations departments have right level of staffing for busy periods

  • Go on site visits with EP and relevant staff



  • Authorise direct reports over time and expenses sheets and holidays

  • Ensures all staff are trained in relevant and legal requirements for their roles and venues we are working at



Qualifications, required


  • Personal license holder

  • Health & Safety level 2

Qualifications, good to have


  • First Aid – 3 day course

  • HGV license

  • Manual handling



Responsible Consultant: Darren Lewis

Salary: £30,000 - £40,000 gross per annum

Hours and Days: flexibility is required




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