Resident Houseparent Job in Oxford

Location United Kingdom
Sector Childcare & Education
Job Role Pastoral Care / Schools
Job Type Permanent vacancy
Salary See below
Job Number  47062
Created 09 January 2018

Resident Houseparent in Oxford, Starting ASAP


This position is based in a co-educational independent day and boarding school in Oxford for students aged 11 – 18. There are currently around 150 boarders and this number is set to increase in the next few years as the school grows


Duties and Responsibilities

 To be open to sensible requests and suggestions from students for ways in which the running of, and the provision in, the House may be improved, and discuss these with the Head of Boarding;

 Meet prospective students and parents and show them around the House as and when asked to do so by the Head of Boarding or another senior member of staff.

 Maintain regular contact with the colleagues in the Boarding Office and with other teaching and admin colleagues as appropriate.

 Attend House meetings along with the Head of Boarding. These usually take place once every half term though additional meetings may be called if and when the need arises;

 Organise and run weekend activities for students in the House that complement the school programme;

 Build and maintain open, cordial and constructive relationships with the parents and guardians of boarders and respond promptly and helpfully to any communications and requests from them;

 Be sensitive to, and promote good relations with, neighbours and other members of the local

Houseparents’ principal duties and responsibilities


 Create and maintain a happy, safe, warm and homely environment which is conducive to the students feeling at ease and being able to live and work happily in the House;

 Lead in the creation of suitable standards of behaviour for the students in their care;

 Be responsible for the smooth, orderly and effective running of the House and for the welfare, safety and wellbeing of the boarders in it;

 Make sure that students (boarders and visitors) are appropriately and effectively supervised.

 Foster a sense of House identity and spirit by encouraging students to participate actively in House activities and by supporting such events as a figurehead for the House;


Accommodation, Salary, Working hours and Holiday

  • There is a two-bedroom flat which the Houseparent may occupy as a single person or as part of a couple or small family.


  • The starting salary is likely to be in the region of £23,000 p.a.



  • The hours of work will vary according to a weekly rota to ensure there is sufficient staff cover when students are in the house


  • Houseparent’s are entitled to the statutory minimum holiday entitlement under the Working Time Regulations 1998, to be taken during the School’s holidays.


Job Number: 47062

Consultant: Kaisha Hastu

Please on NO account contact the school directly.

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