Resident Matron in Chichester, West Sussex

Location South West England
Sector Childcare & Education
Job Role Pastoral Care / Schools
Job Type Permanent vacancy
Salary See below
Job Number  45301
Created 01 September 2017

Resident Matron, Chichester, West Sussex


Responsible for: The health and well-being of pupils under their care during the day and night and the smooth running of the domestic side of boarding life. Overseas Gap Students.

Reporting to: Head of Boarding, Assistant Bursar - HR.


Duties and Responsibilities

Boarding Pupils’ health care

 To keep up to date and aware of each pupil’s individual health problems and needs

 To hold a current First Aid Certificate and to attend refresher courses as required

 To only administer medication having been trained by the School Nurses and deemed competent to do so and only if your name appears on the “Administration of Medications Protocol” list

 To carry out first aid when necessary and care for pupils with minor illnesses and give medicines in consultation with the School Nurses

 To take pupils to medical and dental appointments and call for emergency treatment if necessary

 To ensure that pupils’ records are kept up to date.


Pupils’ Personal care

 To help pupils settle into school life by providing a sympathetic ear and pastoral support

 To work with members of staff to help pupils enjoy school life and to achieve their potential

 To liaise with pupils' families about pupils’ health and well-being

 To ensure that boarders go to bed at the designated time and that there is minimum disturbance in the dormitories during the night

 To be available for pupils to call upon at any time during the night

 To assist with boarding duties and oversee the gap students whilst they are helping with boarding duties


Domestic needs

 To be responsible for ensuring pupils have clean clothes, which are repaired and replaced when necessary

 To ensure that boarders’ laundry is cleaned at the designated times and distributed accordingly

 To pack and unpack linen sent to the outside laundry company

 To wash and put away the school match kit when used

 To adhere to the disposal of body fluids protocol

 To be responsible for changing bed linen in the dormitories and encourage and ensure that pupils have tidied their dormitories each morning.

June 2017 Reviewed annually


Start Date – January 2018. Could be brought forward.

Salary: £16,000 + benefits package including, accommodation, lunch is provided, pension scheme and the use of all the facilities at the school when not in use.


Job number: 45301

Consultant: Kaisha Hastu

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