Top chef for villa in the South of France

Location France
Sector Catering & Hospitality
Job Role Chef
Job Type Temporary vacancy
Salary See below
Job Number  44393
Created 18 May 2017

(44393) 1st July - 22nd August. Top chef for family villa in South of France. Catering for 3-12 people, dependant on friends and family visiting. The family are true foodies and love the very best ingredients. There is no budget for food costs, as the client loves to get fantastic fresh ingredients. They like lots of food, but like to air on the healthy side nothing too rich. Working a 6 day week.


A normal day would include:

Breakfast: Pancakes or Granola pots, fresh fruit, all beautifully presented

Lunch: BBQ with fresh colourful salads, sides and dips

Dinner: Canapes, 3 courses - sometime a family style main course


Chef MUST drive in order to do the weekly food shop. There will be a butler in residence too, who may assist with shopping etc. The butler will look after setting the table, serve, make cocktails, looking after wine etc.


An active, friendly person is key. The last chef would play golf or tennis with the children on their day off.


The client loves chefs with a yachting background!


Accommodation: Provided and food provided


Salary: £200 per day


Responsible Consultant: Natalie Cleary

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