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Couple Job

Location Italy, ‎Lombardy, MI
Sector Private Households & Estates
Job Role Couple
Job Type Permanent
Employment Type Full-time
Salary €4,500 NET Combined
Job Number  89626
Created 06 May 2021

An excellent opportunity has arisen in Northern Italy for a domestic Household management couple. The job requires a degree of flexibility in terms of responsibilities and the client is only interested in a couple who have previous longevity working together previously and are looking for a long term commitment form their next charge.  The client looks after the employees and is approachable, the household is semi formal. 

Job Description: Housekeeper/Cook Maintenance Couple 

We are looking for a highly experienced and intelligent housekeeper and cook & a Houseman driver.  The successful candidates will be able to manage the house, overseeing its seamless functioning in all aspects as well as prepare meals for the family and potentially guests.

If some of below-mentioned skills are not present, the family will still consider intelligent and organized candidates, who would be willing to learn these.

Additional staff include a full-time nanny (British), and a cleaning lady who comes 4-5x per week. The house manager will oversee the work of the cleaning lady. For larger lunch or dinner parties, additional staff will be hired in or come from another family household close-by.

Live-out is preferred. In case accommodation is required, an apartment in Venice will be provided at the employer’s cost.

Remuneration & Working Hours

Remuneration: competitive in line with market (€4,500 Net Combiend)

Working hours: 8 / hours per day, 5.5 day cover provided.  Some flexibility in case of dinners or parties required.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

Kitchen and cooking:

-        preparing either good family cooking or gourmet cuisine

-        preparing menus and discussing with us

-        cooking for 4 year old child

-        shopping for food and ingredients, ability to discern high quality and seasonal ingredients, especially vegetables, fish and meat

-        procuring and ensuring stock of all kitchen utensils, spices and foods

-        organising dinner parties and events

-        setting the table

-        serving at table

-        clearing away and cleaning the kitchen

-        maintaining an excellently organized kitchen and pantry, with all utensils and food supplies in a very tidy and organized manner

-        taking care and appropriate cleaning of silverware and tableware

-        ability to prepare Italian cuisine, ideally also other countries. Willingness and ability to learn new recipes and cooking methods.


Cleaning & Tidying: To ensure a home is kept organised, clean and tidy

-        manage and help additional cleaning lady, ensuring house is clean and immaculate in every aspects

-        Ensuring the following daily activities:

o   General daily tidy up

o   Daily cleaning of Kitchen, Bathrooms, Loos and public areas

o   Hoovering and dusting where needed (at least 2x per week)

o   Making beds

-        quarterly deep-clean of house

-        ensuring house is tidy and clean at all times

-        ability to organise cupboards and storage in an immaculate manner

-        extreme care, ideally experience in houses with fragile objects and art


Clothes & Wardrobe: Keep on top of the laundry, ironing and wardrobe management

-        ensuring wardrobe is always taken care of

-        identify items that need dry cleaning

-        seasonal change and cleaning of wardrobe

-        washing of clothes, especially delicate items (cashmere etc), including handwashing; experience and ability to use appropriate washing method (e.g. machine, hand-wash, dry-cleaning( and temperature for different types of clothing

-        ironing and steaming of clothes, including shirts, dresses, formal mens trousers etc

-        cleaning of shoes

-        experience with high value and delicate materials, such as cashmere, furs, leather, silk

-        perfect organisation of wardrobes and closets

-        ability to carry out simple repairs (sewing on buttons etc)

-        moth-proofing and protecting clothes from other possible pests


-        family has one son of 4 years, and a full-time nanny

-        occasional babysitting in evenings and on weekend is a plus

Other tasks

-        overseeing the work of contractors (e.g. electrician, plumber etc)

-        overseeing procurement of household goods (e.g. bathroom utensils, food, lightbulbs etc.), shopping and errands

-        looking after guests (preparing guestrooms, ensuring beds are made, towels, bathroom articles etc)

-        packing and unpacking luggage before and after travel

-        buying and arranging flowers


Skills & Requirements:

-        loyal, discrete and respectful of privacy, be extremely patient, welcoming and approachable,

-        high attention to detail and a high level of skills in above described tasks and experience

-        intelligent and with ability to take feedback well and learn new skills as and may be required

-        proactive, flexible and adaptable with lots of common sense

-        The ability to spot what needs doing in a home

-        Creating systems if and when needed and/or maintaining them

-        Time management

-        Product/fabric/surface knowledge

To register your interest as a new Candidate to Greycoat Lumleys please email Archie McClintock using archie@greycoatlumleys.co.uk or if a registered candidate, please apply via the website using your candidate number. 

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