• How much experience do I need in order to be placed on your books?

    For jobs within private households, generally our Clients seek Candidates with at least two years* of relevant domestic experience and excellent references from the private households in which they have previously worked. Some positions (for example, Nannies or Personal Assistants) call for even more experience and may require qualifications as well. For some jobs, such as those within schools, or within the Catering & Hospitality sector, less experience is often acceptable.

    *Clients who are looking for Couples require them to have previous Private Household experience or Couples who have worked  together in Luxury Chalets/Villas or Yachts.

  • How do I get the experience that your agency requires if you won't place me on your books?
    It is difficult for us to help candidates who do not have the necessary levels of experience. Most agencies will say the same thing. In order to gain experience, we would suggest that you try other ways of finding work, including through the private advertisements found in The Lady Magazine which is published weekly on Fridays, or perhaps through Gumtree, or via friends or recommendation. Once you have gained at least two years of experience, you could re-apply to Greycoat Lumleys, as we may then be able to help in your search for employment.

  • Am I registered with Greycoat Lumleys if I have completed the Apply to Register form and sent my CV?
    No. The Apply to Register form enables you to send your CV and is the first step in registering with our agency. You are not fully registered until you have been interviewed by one of our Consultants and your references and background have been checked.