A domestic couple is the perfect team to run a household

A domestic couple is the perfect team to run a household

When looking to hire staff to help run a household, there are often varying circumstancesand needs. A wide range of duties will often require a combination of staff, such as housekeeper, butler, gardener, cook or nanny to ensure the household runs smoothly and efficiently.
However, rather than employing and managing multiple staff, who may not work well as a team, many people are discovering the ideal solution is to hire a professionally trained domestic couple to take on an all round role.
A domestic couple can take care of children, gardening, DIY, housekeeping, PA duties and general running and upkeep of the house and offer numerous benefits, including:






  •  A domestic couple is cheaper than hiring three or four members of staff. A domestic couple will also share accommodation and salary
  • They offer the advantage of being close enough to work well as a team, the majority are married couples, and will support one another when faced with problems and challenges
  • They will work together as a ready-made partnership, assisting each other and sharing responsibilities to ensure the job is done in the best possible way
  • Working with their partner allows them to be more flexible about working weekends and evenings
  • Resident domestic couples are a real benefit when the householders are away. They are able to take care of the gardening, pets and home security when you away and they can offer a very warm welcome when you return

Hiring a domestic couple has great appeal and they certainly help make a household’s working and family life easier and more efficient.

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