How to Clean Clear Glass & Crystal

How to Clean Clear Glass & Crystal
As a member of the Housekeeping team at Greycoat, I find myself speaking to clients who often want to find a Housekeeper, who is able to keep their glassware sparking clear!

So a top tip for keeping cloudy glassware all shiny and clean is…..VINEGAR!!

For cleaning one or two glasses:
1. dip the corner of a soft rag in straight white vinegar and rub (make sure you use a little bit of elbow grease)
For cleaning a lot of glassware to shine:
1. let them soak first in a mixture of one part water to one part white vinegar for a while
2. then scrub with a soft rag and the calcium deposits and water spots should wipe right off
Do make sure though that there won’t be a leftover taste of vinegar though!
The difference will be staggering and you will make any employer extremely happy, especially if they regularly host dinner parties!
Let us know how you get on and do send us before and after shots!
Posted: 09 June 2015 14:35:00
Filed under: Private Households & Estates

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