What Makes A Good Housekeeper by Diana Gallitto

What Makes A Good Housekeeper by Diana Galitto
About the Consultant…

Name: Diana Gallitto

Job Title: Consultant (Short term and Temporary Housekeepers)

What did you do before joining Greycoat Lumleys?
I used to be a live in Nanny in Hammersmith, and before that I was doing my master’s degree in Philosophy.

How long have you been working at Greycoat Lumleys? 2 years and 2 months

What do you like best about your job? The Housekeeping team!

Which four individuals, living or not, would you like to have a MyChef dinner party with?
The Dalai Lama, James Corden, Edward Norton and an Italian musician no one knows in the UK ;-)

Are you a neat-freak yourself and what is your ultimate housekeeping/cleaning tip?
No I’m not a neat freak but my cleaning tip is to bring wet wipes and tissues in your hand bag, they always come in handy!

About the Candidate…

What are the most important things you look for when receiving a Candidates CV?
Private household experience (3 ys min), longevity in previous roles, adaptability to formal/informal settings.

When you first meet a Candidate; what is expected from the candidate to impress you?
A good confident handshake.

What key pieces of advice do you give to your candidates when they are going to an interview?
Be punctual, dress smartly, do not talk about salary, be yourself and be professional.

If a candidate is yet to secure their first Short-term/Temporary Housekeeping role through us, what advice would you give them in order to boost their CV or get their foot in the door?
With temp roles things happen very quickly, so my advice could be to always have black shoes, black trousers and a white shirt ready for the next temp role that may be starting tomorrow!
Posted: 09 June 2015 16:45:00
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