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Taking Care Of Your Shoes
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Taking care of your shoes

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​If shoes take care of your feet it only seems sensible to take care of your shoes! In doing so this not only means that they will last but you will also save money in the long run.

Here are some helpful shoe care tips:

• Rotate your shoes

Rain and perspiration can take a toll on your shoes. For instance, leather shoes can take a day or two to dry out so give yours shoes a break and wear different shoes the next day

• Utilise Shoetrees

To help absorb moisture and maintain the shape of shoes, use a shoetrees. They are also great at preventing leather from creasing

• Polishing

Leather shoes need regular treatment with good quality wax polish in order to protect the leather. Always make sure your shoes are clean and dry before you apply the wax. Use a soft brush to clean the shoe then remove the laces. Next, use a clean rag to apply some polish. Once both shoes are dry, allow 15 minutes or ideally leave them overnight, buff your shoes with a soft brush until you get the desired level of luster. To achieve some extra shine, you can spray a fine layer of water over the first layer of polish then buff with a soft cloth

• Protecting Suede shoes

There are various products out there to protect your suede shoes. For instance, use a suede protector spray to treat Suede and Nubuck uppers. Using a rubber suede brush can help to lift any dirt and debris. With more stubborn stains you can uses a suede shampoo. A nifty trick to revive suede is to use the steam from a kettle and gently clean with a rubber suede brush. Make sure you dry suede slowly and naturally, never use a direct heat source.

• Use a shoehorn

It is tempting to just ram your foot into your shoe without the aid of a shoehorn. Although innocent enough, if you damage the back of the shoe, this will compromise the structure of your shoe and this will mean that the shoe no longer provides your foot with the vital support needed. Not to mention that your shoe will start to look shabby!

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