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With palace specialists in the Middle East, being one of few agencies to hold a SECO Licence in Switzerland and making placements as far away as Australia, it's fair to say that our reputation has travelled over 25+ years.

Greycoat’s International Team offers the same bespoke, superior quality recruitment service for Clients who are seeking professional staff for their Private Households, Estates, Villas, Palaces and Yachts outside of the UK.

When looking for staff to work in an overseas residence, our dedicated International Team is here to help with all enquiries. We offer advice and assistance throughout the recruitment process and our Consultants give careful thought to the cultural requirements of our Clients and the regions in which we may be placing staff.

Why would clients choose to recruit international staff from a UK based agency?

First and foremost, our assumption is that they are seeking the highest calibre of service from both agency and the staff they employ. Our international team of consultants take the time to understand individual requirements, with a focus on identifying the very best candidate. Why narrow the search to a local pool of candidates when Greycoats can offer the very best choice from an international database of talent? It is our experience that the perfect candidate may currently be residing in a different country.

Every international recruitment campaign is unique

Local knowledge may be essential for the position and a candidate who understands the nuances of the local region may be required or it may be more appropriate to hire an individual who is not entrenched in the local community. Specific language skills may be essential in order to have a candidate who can communicate with local staff/contractors.

Perhaps you are seeking to bring traditional British style Butler services to your overseas residences or feel a different style of management may be required to optimise the performance of your international staff. Whatever your requirements, we are here to offer the highest standards of service. Whether searching for a senior level Director to manage an entire portfolio of international property or a hands-on member of staff, we have selected the highest calibre of individuals from each local region.

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