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Why Choose To Hire A Private Nanny?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​As more mothers return to work, Greycoat Childcare and Education is seeing a big increase in the call for Part Time Nannies; roles which we are successfully filling, as there is a wider availability of candidates looking for Part Time work.

We are finding a number of primary school or nursery teachers, as well as students of childcare, registering with us looking for additional work Nannying. The candidates we register do all have a background in childcare, whether in private households or education. Sometimes, if a Nanny cannot find the ideal Full Time position, they may choose to split their time between Part Time positions with different families.

Of course, there is also the usual heavy demand for great Full Time Nannies. For most clients, having a Nanny is a necessity, but do they realise hiring a Nanny can also be hugely cost effective when compared to Private Nursery fees? Sending a toddler to nursery in the country's most expensive areas can now cost more than private school fees. Bear in mind that if you have two or more children, this represents a very significant outlay for childcare. A Nanny can mean a huge saving, as they do not charge per child; they look after all the family’s offspring and cover a range of ages.

Remember, as an employer, you will also have to pay the tax and national insurance contributions for your Nanny. And what are the benefits of having a Nanny?

Your children get the individual attention of an experienced, professional person who is passionate about their job and committed to the long term care of your family. Your children are cared for within the familiar environment of your own home, surrounded by their own toys and belongings. The care provided by your Nanny can be tailored to suit the lifestyle of your family – no frantic dashing from an important meeting because the nursery pick up time is set in
stone, no worries about a late school collection because you are held up on the long commute. You can monitor exactly what your child is doing/eating/ exploring/discovering every day, as your Nanny can fill in a diary of your child’s day. A Nanny can help with homework for older children and meal times can be regular and after school hours can be spent properly as a family unit with their younger/older siblings.

Nannies can also act ‘In loco parentis’ if necessary – what if you have to go away at short notice, perhaps for a business meeting or family emergency? The security of having your trusted Nanny there to look after the children 24/7 is invaluable. Finding an accessible local nursery, offering the standard of care you would demand for your child (and thinking of the heated competition to get into the very best facilities) makes hiring a Nanny the sensible option.
For more information about the excellent childcare candidates we have available, contact the team or +44 (0) 2072339950

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