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Caring For Marble Floors
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Caring for Marble Floors by Georgia Lester

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​It is paramount that you keep your marble floors properly maintained otherwise the appearance and quality of the marble will decline.

One of the most important ways to care for marble floors is to clean them regularly. This is due to the fact that marble floors are very susceptible to scratches from dirt and dust. Make sure to sweep (using a soft brush) or vacuum the marble, ideally on a daily basis.

Marble floors should be washed with either industrial marble cleaner or with a mixture of hot water and dishwashing soap. Make sure that the cleaner is non-acidic, because acidic cleaners can break down the surface of marble. Once the marble has been cleaned with soap and water or preferably with a surfactant based cleaner capable of breaking water tension and allowing water to penetrate and flush pores, rinse off the cleaner and dry the flooring with a soft cloth. Be sure to dry the floor because if the water is allowed to air dry, water spots may be left on the marble floor.

Finally, in order to keep the marble clean and shiny, apply marble polish to the stone. The polish will also protect the floors and keep them resilient.

It is worth considering hiring a professional company to visit your house on a weekly or monthly basis if you don’t wish to clean the marble floors yourself. However, if you are happy to do so, it is advisable to arrange for a professional polishing once every six months to a year. A thorough clean will remove build-up and tartar and will allow for any repair of chips or cracks to be made.

Marble floors can be very expensive so it is worth taking the time to care for them otherwise their original appearance and quality will begin to deteriorate.

By Georgia Lester in the housekeeping team

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