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What An Employer Really Wants From A Housekeeper
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What an employer really wants from a housekeeper

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​The benefits of hiring a housekeeper are clear to see, especially if you lead a busy life.

Raising children, work and a busy social life can make life hard enough without even thinking about housekeeping. For many, this is the prime time to employ a housekeeper, either full or part-time to make life easier and more manageable.

Everyone will have individual ideas on what is most important to them when employing a housekeeper; however, there are always essential requirements that employers want from a housekeeper, including:

  • Listening skills - it might sound obvious, but only the best housekeepers are great listeners. It’s vital to fully understand directions and clarify anything not understood.

  • Able to take direction - a good housekeeper will have the ability to listen, understand, and implement instructions on every occasion.

  • Ability to use own initiative - whilst following instructions is essential, there are always going to be those occasions where the employer is unavailable. The ability to take initiative and interpret each situation is a clear sign of a quality housekeeper.

  • Honesty - A quality housekeeper’s honesty will never be in question; not only will they be completely trustworthy but able to admit a mistake. To build trust, the mistake should be admitted to right away and steps should be taken to ensure that it never happens again.

  • Attention to detail - quality housekeeping requires attention to even the slightest details. They are there to make their employers’ lives easier and run more smoothly, so it’s vital that even the smallest request is followed and respected.

  • Professional at all times - it goes without saying that a neat professional appearance and being on time is important. However, being professional is much more than that.

    When off duty, talking about an employer and more importantly complaining about them is never ok.

  • Flexibility - having a ‘can do’ approach and volunteering to do things that are above and beyond normal duties makes the whole relationship run much smoother and highlights the difference between a good and a great housekeeper.

  • Reliability - last but definitely not least, a good housekeeper is someone who can be counted on and who does what they say, when they say they will.

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