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What Makes The Perfect Chauffeur
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What makes the perfect chauffeur?

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​One of the most annoying things a chauffeur must hear is “oh you’re a driver, you drive for a living”. Whilst yes it is true that a chauffeur is a professional driver, and just like a driver they both have the job of getting you to and from your destination, the difference is the level of service provided. Levels of service demanded in the industry are very high and this makes it suitable to only a certain type of person.

So what really does make the perfect chauffeur?

  • Being a great driver is obvious, but not enough. Enjoying driving is essential as a large amount of time will be spent behind the wheel.

  • As the primary role of a chauffeur is to get you to your destination on time, it’s paramount to see punctuality as a priority in all areas.

  • A passion for the job will be fundamental, as a large proportion of the day will be being spent driving and waiting around cannot lead to boredom or irritation as this will show in the service provided.

  • As a chauffeur, maintaining a professional attitude to your work at all times is key.

  • Your personal and private life can’t encroach on your driving or the service offered.

  • Being resourceful is essential as many obstacles can be placed in the way of getting a client to their destination on time. Traffic jams and diversions have to be dealt with in a resourceful manner.

  • Discretion and trustworthiness will be expected as being privy to many a private conversation is going to happen.

  • Offering a safe journey will be expected, there will be no room for aggressive driving.

  • It will of course be expected that a chauffeur take pride in their work and this will show in physical appearance and how the vehicle is maintained.

  • Being well trained will help to get the best jobs. There are several training options available, with some very good courses run by the Institute of Advanced Motorists. A prominent body in the world of professional driving is the British Chauffeurs Guild which runs several courses that provide qualifications.

Following a career as a professional chauffeur has its rewards, but it also has its responsibilities. Accepting both, combined with a real passion will reward with an exciting and progressive career.

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