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What To Consider When Working Overseas As A Nanny
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What to consider when working overseas as a nanny

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​One of the key benefits of becoming a nanny is that it allows you to work abroad easily, if you choose. Nannies are in demand all around the world, and often families decide that picking someone from abroad can open up their children to new cultures and languages. So, if you do decide that you want the adventure of working abroad, what can you really expect and what should you consider when making your decision?

The location should be a major decision making consideration when contemplating working abroad. Working as a nanny means lots of time with children and less time with adults, so it can be hard to make friends. Consider how location could hinder or help you make friends.

Working in the French Alps might sound wonderful, however will you be able to get around and will there be anything to do?

The location you choose can have an impact on the accommodation available to you. City locations will generally offer smaller living quarters although there will be easier access to all the cultural and social facilities the city offers, including public transport links. More rural locations will often provide more space and a better view however, there might be restricted access to any local facilities and a car might be necessary to socialise and get out and about.

Whilst location is key, don’t allow it to make naive choices; working in a sunny paradise might sound wonderful but if you have to look after 3 children under five without experience, paradise might soon turn to hell. Or if you fancy spending your spare time skiing in Switzerland, but the job includes long hours including weekends, is this really going to happen.

It is essential that you view all considerations when agreeing to a role, including pay. The most well paid jobs generally are more demanding, for example a well-paid nanny position in a very rural area, looking after a new born, will not be for everyone as it would involve little interaction and the location would be isolating.

Consider all the basics as well, for example, you will be eating the food within the household you live and these might not be similar to British cuisine. On the positive, you will not only get to enjoy and experience new foods, but also the culture including music and the arts.

Working abroad can provide a cheap way to travel as flights and accommodation are often included in your salary package. In your spare time you can explore the local area, and during weekends and holidays you can go further afield, including near countries.

There will be a real opportunity to learn a new language as you will be living and breathing it. Working and living in the culture of the language you are learning is the easiest way to learn. There are often local language schools that can help and it is a great way to meet new friends.

Although not guaranteed, generally salaries are higher for overseas nannies and the living expenses are generally lower.

Working aboard can be enriching, exciting and memorable and has the advantage over working in the UK of opening up a whole new world.

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