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What Makes A Great Nanny
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What makes a great nanny?

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

At Greycoat Lumleys we are so often asked by clients and candidates alike “what makes a great nanny?” Thankfully, our many years’ of experience recruiting the very best nannies has allowed us to study the top characteristics every great nanny has in common and we hope by sharing our list with you it will make your journey to becoming a nanny or hiring one just a little bit easier.

  • It’s not just about liking kids - well of course it is in one way, however, it is so much more. Nannies work long hours, often solely in the company of children, so it’s vital that being in the company of children is something they thrive on. Being a nanny is a passion and a career, not just something you are doing until something better comes along. Most importantly, it’s about making a connection and developing a bond with the children in your care. For a great nanny this comes naturally.

  • Be able to show ‘parental’ love - this is a hard one to balance and something only the best nannies get right. A great nanny understands that their role is to be a substitute parent and nurture the child as their parents would. This means showing love and compassion to a child, a willingness to speak up if the children’s well-being is compromised and to always put their best interests first; all whilst recognising that the parents will have the final say.

  • They drive a child’s development - a great nanny believes that it is their responsibility as a childcare specialist to make a positive difference in the lives of the children in their care and provide experiences that will foster and encourage a child’s development.

  • They have boundless energy and patience - being a great nanny is about having the energy to actively engage the child combined with the patience to positively handle the inevitable moods and tantrums.

  • A great nanny is a good communicator - parents rely on nannies to relay information regarding the child back and forth and therefore this demands good communication skills.

  • Reliability, adaptability and flexibility are key - a great nanny truly understands the importance their role plays in the running of the family and how their reliability allows the parents to fulfil their obligations. They accept that working with children is unpredictable and are adaptable and flexible to sudden change.

  • Trustworthy, respectful and moral - a great nanny is a child’s moral compass and acts as a positive role model. Parents rely on this and a great nanny understands the importance of this role and always strives to exceed expectations while at all times respecting the wishes of the parents and their ultimate authority.

  • Prioritises safety and has common sense - sound judgement is the mark of a great nanny, especially where safety is concerned. Keeping their charges safe is paramount to them and they have the know how to handle an emergency calmly.

  • A great nanny is self-motivated and proactive - a great nanny simply always gets the job done and takes responsibility without being asked.

  • A great nanny is creative - a great nanny believes their role is to engage and develop the minds of the children in their care through imaginative and fun activities that keep the children entertained.

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