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Tips For Helping Your Children Get Used To A New Nanny
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Tips for helping your children get used to a new Nanny

  • Publish Date: Posted about 6 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​Hiring a Nanny can seem like the answer to all of your prayers. However, the job’s not finished when you make a job offer because unless you handle the process of introducing a new Nanny correctly, it can create a whole new bunch of challenges.

Don’t despair though, as our many years’ experience of introducing new Nannies into households all over the world has allowed us to gain the best insights into how you can make easy work of introducing a new Nanny to your children. Yes, children will always take time to adjust with new people but try the following top tips and you will make the whole process a lot more comfortable for everyone involved.

Explain why you are hiring a Nanny

It’s very important to discuss with the children why you are hiring a Nanny from your point of view as much as theirs. Explain that you need help as you are working hard for the future and that hiring a Nanny will allow you look after them better and take care of the house easier.

Let the children know what’s happening from day one

As soon as you make the decision to hire a Nanny, it really is the best time to inform the children. This gives them time to digest the idea and information and allows them time to ask all the questions that they will have, before the new Nanny starts.

It is also a time to find out what the children want from a Nanny so that the relationship works to the advantage of everyone. Some children will want someone who can help them with homework, others might want a Nanny to kick a ball around the park with them and for others it might be all about the Nanny allowing them to help prepare dinner.

Let the children know they are in control

Whatever the requests the children may ask for, by allowing the children to be part of the planning stages you will get their buy in to the whole process of hiring a new Nanny.

It’s also important to keep the children informed at all stages but also most important is that they feel in control. By feeling in control the children won’t feel things are being forced on them.

Remind everyone that rules are rules at all times

When you hire the right candidate for the job you will be confident that your rules will be followed by the Nanny. However, you will need to make sure that the children understand that the rules that they follow when you are in charge are the same when they are being looked after by the Nanny and in your absence.

Some of the basic ones include following bedtime routines, completing homework, play time limits and taking care of siblings.

At first keep everyone busy

In the first few days it is best to keep everyone busy so there is little time to reflect on any changes and allow the children to focus on interacting with the new Nanny.

It is also a good idea to make special plans for the weekend for you and the children to do something special so you can give some extra time to them and allow them to position themselves as an important part of the family.

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