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Why You Should Consider Hiring A Domestic Couple
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Why you should consider hiring a Domestic Couple

  • Publish Date: Posted about 6 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​In today’s busy households there are so many varied demands placed on everyone it’s hard to know what professional help to look for. You don’t want lots of people overcrowding your home but you need help in a number of varied areas that one job role just won’t cover.

One day you might need help with hospitality, another day housekeeping and cooking and gardening the next. There might be those days where childcare is needed and what about when you go away as who is going to maintain the garden, manage the pets, keep your property secure and deal with any emergencies.

Well, there is a solution: a Domestic Couple can be the dynamic duo you need to make sure your home, family and life run more smoothly.

So what is a Domestic Couple?

The role of the Domestic Couple is certainly a varied, demanding and exciting one. Put simply it is a close knit couple often man and wife, although you will find same-sex couples, or perhaps friends who have worked together for a number of years and who work best as a team helping and supporting the needs of their employers.

Housekeeping duties can include childcare, driving, laundry, cooking, security duties and many more, and will differ from day to day. Typically one half of the couple will focus on housekeeping, cooking and childcare whilst the other half will generally focus on property maintenance, DIY, driving and gardening. Although there will be a crossover of skills and the couple will support each other in their roles and will be flexible and able to continually adjust.

So what are the benefits of hiring a Domestic Couple?

One of the clear advantages of a hiring a Domestic Couple is while being effective team players they can share responsibilities and you get two professionals with extensive experience of working together.

Domestic Couples are experienced in a wide range of household work from household management to grounds keeping so a Domestic Couple will be able to cater for a wide range of requests and multi-tasking is second nature.

Salaries and benefits can reflect the fact that it is a couple and on most occasions accommodation and salary are shared. Domestic Couples are often more flexible to travel, especially at short notice and are willing to work unsociable hours as their family and life are inside of their work life.

However, one of the overall benefits of hiring a Domestic Couple is that they are very likely to stay and work for one family on a long-term basis, which makes them very loyal and highly sought-after employees.

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