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The Benefits Of Using An Established Agency To Find Your Next Nanny
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The benefits of using an established agency to find your next Nanny

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 6 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​Finding the right Nanny for your family is a daunting and at times overwhelming task, especially as the task can often arrive out of the blue and with very little notice.

Every day the Internet is populated with more and more online databases that work by putting families in touch with the Nannies, for a fee, that have registered their details on the websites database.

Whilst they appear to be a very easy solution to your search for a Nanny, they are only a matching service, often simply based on need and location and will only provide you with the contact details of those registered.

When you pick someone to contact it is then your full responsibility to do all the checks and due diligence necessary to have one of these people come into your home and take care of your children. This takes a great deal of time and effort and the end result might still be they are unsuitable or decline the role offered.

Using an established, reputable and experienced Nanny Agency offers you so much more and in the long run could even save you money and certainly a lot of time and trouble.

The work that Nanny Agencies do is all about putting the minds of both the families and the Nannies at rest, as they take the time to get to know both parties so that each match they make is the best possible fit for everyone.

Any reputable agency will only select qualified and/or experienced candidates who their dedicated and highly experienced teams have spent the time getting to know and who have been thoroughly vetted and matched to your specific requirements.

You can be assured that a reputable Nanny Agency will fully screen every candidate submitted to you to ensure you are only presented with the highest standard of candidates.

This will cover for each and every candidate:

  • Being interviewed face to face (or via skype if absolutely necessary)

  • Their qualifications checked and validated

  • Their references contacted and verified - going back a number of years

  • Their experience checked and verified

  • Criminal Record checks (DBS) conducted

  • Their identity checked and original documentation validated including passport, birth certificate and driving license

  • Proof of their right to work in the UK confirmed

  • Proof of address confirmed

After you interview the candidates selected for you and when you have decided on your most suitable candidate, a reputable Nanny Agency will continue to work with you, drawing up an offer letter which outlines and confirms the job specification and details of agreed hours of work, salary, accommodation and benefits etc. For advice on how to draw up the best employment contract that advises on issues concerning salary, holidays, pensions and sickness cover, we recommend contacting Nannytax.

Plus, the advice and assistance doesn’t stop when the placement is made, a reputable agency will continue to work with you and offer advice after the placement has commenced to ensure that everything runs smoothly and everyone remains happy.

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