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How To Organise An Easter Egg Hunt
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How to organise an Easter Egg Hunt

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​What better way to celebrate Easter than with a fun packed Easter Egg Hunt?
After all the kids are on holiday so what better way to spend a springtime afternoon? Plus, if you get them involved in all the preparation, they can be kept busy for days beforehand too!
So, follow our step-by-step guide to throwing the perfect Easter Egg Hunt.

Start with the decorations

You don't have to go overboard decorating for the Easter Egg Hunt, but it doesn’t take much for it to look Easter festive either.
A few pastel balloons and some daffodils can make any place feel Spring-like and if you are planning on serving snacks, decorate the table with a pastel-coloured tablecloth.
If you do want to purchase other Easter decorations, they are very cheap and look highly effective.
If you plan ahead the decorations can be the kids’ responsibility and they can hand make and draw an ‘Easter Egg Hunt starts here’ banner.

Easter Egg Hunt Preparation

You can hide plastic or real eggs on your Easter egg hunt or you can even go all out and decorate and hide real eggs. Have a look at this link to get lots of easy and great decorating ideas, but also consider having a few prizes for the kids who find the real eggs.
You can also buy small plastic eggs and fill them with small toys and sweets, although be mindful if there are going to be any toddlers present and make sure the eggs are filled with items that don't contain small parts or choking hazards.
You will also need to provide baskets or tubs for collecting the eggs, but you could also ask guests to bring their own to save you the bother and just have a few spares in case anyone forgets theirs.
As to the number of eggs per guest you want, it depends on which eggs you are using but you ideally want enough for everyone to have a chance to find and collect a good amount of eggs.

Plan the route

We have found that the BBC’s six-step, flexible Easter hunt works best as it has been designed to work in all kinds of houses, big and small and they provide some great clues which you will need to print out.
Once you have printed them, lay out the clues and treats to be found for each clue. Note if the children are in groups you might want to leave a treat for each of them at each clue such as small foil-wrapped eggs.
You could also have a ‘golden egg’ hidden in one location and whoever finds it first gets a big prize.

Easter Egg Hunt Tip: The hunt doesn't end until the last egg is found, so keep a count of how many eggs you hide!

Clue one: Somewhere cold
Obviously, you can hide Easter treats in the fridge but if it is cold outside this could be where you hide surprises outside. If you are going with the outside option you might want to put this clue last to prevent moody footprints.

Clue two: Somewhere cosy you sleep at night
It goes without saying you don’t want smears of chocolate on bedsheets, so you could always hide non-chocolate treats here.

Clue three: Where you wash up
Empty the sink and clean it well to make way for clue number three.

Clue four: What do you wear to keep warm in cold weather
Children’s coat pockets, hats, gloves and scarfs can be used here or even winter boots.

Clue five: Where you store your toothbrush
Best to avoid edible treats in the bathroom.

Clue six: Something you use to cook
Hide away in your pots and pans or even the oven.

We hope your enjoy your homemade Easter egg hunt and remember to stay safe!

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