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Benefits for working abroad

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

Right now, I know it must seem like you can’t open a newspaper, switch on the news, or listen to the radio without being bombarded with pending doom! Recession, a weak pound, cost of living crisis, rising interest rates, even the odd hose pipe ban!

Many of you may now be thinking about either returning to working abroad, or even considering it for the first time. It is true that post Brexit, opportunities for British candidates to work abroad have reduced significantly, although there are still options for candidates to work overseas. For non-British candidates with settled status, there is a very real opportunity.

The good news is the experience and skills you have learnt and gathered in the UK are widely sought the world over, in fact, many of our international clients come to us in London, to seek candidates with UK experience, as the UK is still seen as one of the premier locations for high calibre service within HNW & UHNW residences.

For British candidates, there are options to work in Asia & The Middle East. Many of these clients would love to offer career opportunities to British candidates.


  • Tax free salaries

  • Salaries not in £GBP

  • Mostly accommodation is provided (no living costs)

  • Large exclusive properties, with large teams of ex-pat candidates

  • Training & development up to 7* level service

  • Often even food and beverages are provided during the working day (no more large grocery bills)

  • Warmer climate

  • An ever evolving more westernised culture

For the many amazing EU candidates that work here in the UK, then the wonders of the whole of Europe and the Middle East are available. If fact you can currently work outside of the UK for up to 5 years, without losing your settled status! The UK will hopefully have bounced back by then.


  • Salaries in € or Swiss Francs

  • Amazing, beautiful locations such as the VAR region of France, Monaco, Geneva, Zurich, Brussels, Lake Como, Portugal and even the odd Mediterranean island

  • Use your language skills, French, German & Italian are always sought by our clients.

  • Warmer climates

  • Often the properties are vacation and holiday homes, so can come with a good work life balance

  • Accommodation is mostly offered, so again keeping those bills to a minimum!

  • Many clients have properties here in the UK, so options to work in multiple locations

  • Travelling roles can be exciting, varied and an experience of a lifetime

We are always seeking: 

 Whatever stage you may be at, even if you just want to chat with anyone on our International team to discuss options, then please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to go through potential routes and opportunities we may have. ​