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Why you should hire a temporary housekeeper for Christmas

  • Publish Date: Posted 6 months ago

The run up to Christmas can be very stressful and you may feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to make sure everything is ready in time. If your Christmas to-do list is getting longer by the minute, then you may want to consider hiring an extra pair of hands to help lighten the load.


Having a temporary housekeeper to help you over the festive period will make all the difference and allow you to relax and enjoy the Christmas season with your loved ones, as you should. So what can a temporary housekeeper do for you this Christmas? Allow us to explain.


Preparing your home for the holidays


Creating a festive season starts with an immaculate home. A housekeeper can perfectly prep your house so that it is spotless for both you and any guests you may be entertaining. As a housekeeper role is varied you can tailor their services to your specific Christmas needs, whether it's a thorough cleaning, organising your home, or assisting with guests. Having a temporary housekeeper can alleviate the stress of holiday preparations, allowing you to fully enjoy the festive season with friends and family.


A private housekeeper can help prepare your home for Christmas in a variety of ways including:


      A full spring clean of your home


      Decluttering common areas

      Organising and stocking the kitchen

      Thoroughly cleaning all bathrooms

      Stocking up on toiletries for guests

      Supervising children while you focus on preparations

      Taking care of pets

      Running errands


Creates a festive atmosphere


Getting into the festive spirit starts with a beautifully decorated home. A temporary housekeeper is the extra pair of hands you need to create a truly festive ambience for you and your guests. Sourcing Christmas decorations, putting up lights and setting the table for Christmas day is all part of the festive help a Christmas housekeeper can bring.


Taking care of your guests


If you are hosting guests for Christmas, be it family, friends or in-laws, you want to ensure they are well taken care of and leave with fond memories and a lasting impression of their time spent with you over the holidays. Playing host can be stressful as there are many factors to consider, especially if you have a large number of guests, and this is where a housekeeper can help.


While you can focus on enjoying your time with your guests, a housekeeper can help make them feel at home and well taken care of during their stay. The housekeeper can do everything from handling tasks such as unpacking suitcases for overnight stays, ensuring fresh bed linens are provided and taking care of any requests they may have.


Gives you time to enjoy the holidays


A housekeeper over Christmas allows you to forget about all the menial tasks and focus on what matters most, spending quality time with your loved ones. Hiring an experienced housekeeper over the holidays allows you to enjoy the festivities with family and friends rather than worrying about household chores. With a housekeeper managing the cleaning and organisation of your home, all your holiday stress will melt away. Not only this but a housekeeper can also help with childcare if needed, ensuring that everyone is taken care of over Christmas.


Read our blog to find out whether a combination nanny/housekeeper may be the right choice for you.


Helping with ad hoc tasks


When guests arrive and you realise you still have errands to run, a housekeeper is worth their weight in gold. Over the busy Christmas season a temporary housekeeper can help with various ad hoc tasks, such as grocery shopping for forgotten items or picking up decorations or supplies. From prepping food for Christmas day to wrapping any last minute presents, a Christmas housekeeper can take care of any and all tasks you might be too busy to handle yourself.


Adds that professional touch


Experienced housekeepers bring a wealth of expertise and professionalism which adds that finishing touch to your festivities and creates a welcoming and festive atmosphere for you and your guests throughout the Christmas break. A professional housekeeper has an excellent eye for detail and will ensure your home is completely spotless and well organised for the festive period. What better gift to give yourself?


The post Christmas clean


Once the festive celebrations are done, the food has been eaten and all your guests have said their goodbyes, your home will most likely be in need of a much-needed tidy up. From putting away Christmas decorations, to a deep clean of your kitchen, a housekeeper can assist you in starting the new year with a fresh, tidy and beautifully clean home.


If you are considering hiring household staff this Christmas then take a look at our private household staff roles or browse our available Christmas staff.


How Greycoat and Lumleys can help


If you are looking to hire a temporary housekeeper this Christmas, then we can help. Whether you are looking for a live in or live out housekeeper for the Christmas period we have exceptional candidates ready and waiting to make Christmas as stress free and festive as possible.


All our candidates have gone through rigorous background checks and have exemplary references. Browse our temporary housekeepers now or get in touch with our friendly team of expert consultants.