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Why hire a private chef for Easter?

  • Publish Date: Posted 5 months ago

​Springtime is almost here and that means blue skies, more sunshine and, of course, the Easter holidays. While it may not be the most raucous of annual occasions, the better weather - minus a few April showers - and blossoming flowers make it the opportune time to celebrate in style. If you are looking at how you can make this Easter one to remember then why not hire a private chef. Not only will they cook you up a mouthwatering meal but they will allow you to fully relax and enjoy Easter time with your family, as you should.


While you may not need too much convincing, here are all the reasons why hiring a private chef should be top of your to-do list this Easter.


Why miss out on all the Easter fun?

Easter is a somewhat underrated holiday, but with the promise of bouncing bunnies, Easter egg hunts and an excuse to overindulge in copious amounts of chocolate, it really is one of the best holidays of the year.

But it can become a lot less fun when you have all the cooking and cleaning up to do. Who wants to be the one in charge of fixing everyones food? The Easter holidays are all about having fun and that's exactly what a private chef will allow you to do.


Have restaurant quality food at home

One of the most obvious, and of course appetising, reasons to hire a chef this Easter is the exceptional quality of food they will prepare for you without the need to leave your home. A private chef allows you to relax over the holiday, with no need to rush to make your dinner reservation at an overcrowded restaurant.

Instead you can be in the peace and quiet of your home while one of our private chefs cooks you up a fine dining feast worthy of any Michelin star restaurant. Plus, just like a restaurant, you don't have to prep any of the food or do any washing up, as the chef will take care of all of this for you.


Spend more time with the family

Why slave away in the kitchen when you can be spending time with your family instead? For those with busy schedules Easter may be one of the rare times that you get the uninterrupted time to relax with your family and loved ones.

We know that many of our clients have very demanding lives and quality family time can often become few and far between as a result. Easter is the ideal time to get all your family together for a long weekend and really appreciate each other's company.

But of course time spent cooped up in the kitchen is not conducive to making great family memories. Hiring a private chef will give you back the precious family time you crave.


Helps when catering for a crowd

Easter is a time to be spent together and many people choose to throw an Easter party with family, friends and a myriad of guests. If you do find yourself catering for a crowd then there's a lot you need to consider. Making sure all your guests are taken care of, your timings are correct and the food is served hot is more to deal with then it seems, even for the most avid of multitaskers. So why not forget all these worries and leave it to the professionals - like us.


So how does the process work?

First of all, your chosen chef will discuss with you all you likes, dislikes and any dietary requirements you or your guests may have. Then you will agree on a delicious menu that is perfectly curated to meet your Easter expectations.

Once the menu has been agreed, your private chef will take it from here and will be in charge of sourcing the ingredients, setting up, cooking the meal, serving, and finally cleaning up. So you don't have to lift a finger.

Read our blog to find out more about what a private chef can do for you.


For those curious about the type of menus our chefs can prepare here is a sample dinner menu selection, curated by one of our exceptional private chefs:


Dinner ideas



Smoked aubergine linguine with hazelnut and lemon gremolata

Herb crusted rack of lamb w/ cannellini beans and artichoke hearts

Venison loin with butternut squash, parmesan and a juniper and wine sauce

Sea Bream with buttermilk sauce baby new potatoes pickled jalapenos & marinated shallots

Fillet of beef, wilted spinach, parsnips, chervil and pickled mustard seed dressing

Lamb medallion, cauliflower puree, burnt apple and nasturtium oil




Green beans and tender stem broccoli with citrus mustard and tarragon butter (V)

Griddled courgette and spring onions with limes and spicy toasted peanuts

sesame roasted cabbage with kimchi miso ginger dressing

Sprouted wild rice and summer vegetable salad with pistachios

Cucumber ribbon nigella seed and pearl barley salad with feta and dill

Baby cabbage with miso butter and sesame seed




Pink grapefruit posset with shortbread and caramelised pecans

Pavlova with elderflower cream and nectarines

Pistachio tiramisu

Tahini chocolate mousse with miso caramel

Pineapple upside-down cake with vanilla custard

Rhubarb tart

Raspberry and apple crumble

Almond Bakewell tart

Rosewater and pistachio rice puddings



For families who are looking for a bit more help over the Easter break and have little ones at home from school, they may want to consider hiring one of our skilled temporary chefs for a more extended period of time.

At Greycoat Lumleys we have plenty of options to suit your needs from family cooks to gourmet dinner chefs all with outstanding experience and a highly personable manner.

Our private chefs are flexible so whether you are hiring a chef for the whole Easter weekend or just for a one of feast on Easter Sunday they can fit to your schedule no matter your requirements.

Whether you are after a beautiful spring lamb roast with all the trimmings or an elegant multi-course tasting menu, our private chefs are happy to oblige.

Unsure whether to choose a cook or a chef for the occasion? Read our blog on the difference between a chef and a cook to help you decide.


At Greycoat Lumleys we have over 25 years of experience in supplying the finest of private chefs and cooks, all with exceptional culinary experience and expertise.

So, are you ready to make your Easter break that extra bit special this year? Then get in touch with our expert team now for a friendly chat. They will be able to discuss with you exactly what type of chef you are looking for to find you the perfect match.

Alternatively if you are a professional chef looking for your next exciting role then apply to register with us today.