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Short-term Staff in Scotland: How We Can Help

  • Publish Date: Posted 2 months ago

Scotland is a beautiful place, both to live in and visit. With its vibrant cities, rugged highlands and Celtic charm, it's no wonder that Scotland is such a popular destination. At Greycoat Lumleys, we have decades of experience placing a wide range of short-term staff across Scotland, from Edinburgh to Aberdeen and everywhere in between. So whether you are in need of extra help around your country estate, seeking some last minute childcare or are looking for a private chef in Scotland, here is how we can help. 

Leaders in domestic staffing in Scotland

In Scotland we have been offering our world class domestic staffing services for over two decades. Such a long history working within the country has given us the local knowledge and expertise required to source the very best staff for our clients, who are either living or visiting this wonderful nation.

While our agency operates internationally, we always instil that local touch with a dedicated Scottish office, covering the Scottish, Cumbrian and Northumberland regions. Based in Edinburgh, our Scotland office has built up an exceptional client base who come to us time and time again for all their domestic staffing needs. 

This renowned reputation has established us as industry leaders in Scotland. Our longstanding ties with the country mean that we have an unrivalled list of highly qualified candidates, all available to work throughout the region. 

Our candidates are all selected for their experience, skills and professionalism in order to expertly fulfil the domestic role required. Be it as a private chef, nanny, housekeeper or any other required role, the quality of our candidates is what sets us apart in Scotland and throughout the UK. 

Short-term staff in Scotland 

At Greycoat Lumleys we offer a wide array of flexible staffing solutions. Whether you are in need ofa  full time staff member or someone on a temporary basis, we can find you the perfect match. 

While full time staff can be an excellent choice, taking a look at domestic staffing trends for 2024 we have noticed a particular move to more flexible staffing options. 

So if you are thinking of a short city break, a more extended stay, or live in Scotland full time and are in need of some short-term help, then here are some of our most popular roles we have available.

A private chef in Scotland 

Looking for a dinner party chef to wow you and your guests with a fine dining experience? Or a family style cook to fill up your fridge with some hearty meals? We can provide the ideal chef to suit your needs. A private chef in Scotland will be able to design a mouthwatering menu that is perfectly curated for the tastes, preferences and dietary requirements of you and your guests. 

Our chefs use only the finest seasonal ingredients Scotland has to offer, all locally scoured from the highest quality suppliers. If you are looking for a chef to cook for you on your Scottish weekend away, a formal dinner party, or perhaps for the whole of a week-long stay, then our private chefs are on hand to provide an unmatched culinary experience.  

Temporary and emergency childcare

For those who may have an unexpected change of plans, a temporary nanny can be a lifesaver. You may be visiting Scotland on a family holiday and want some extra help with the little ones, or are living there permanently and are in need of some temporary childcare due to a hectic schedule. Whatever the reason, here at Greycoat Lumleys we can provide temporary nannies at a moment's notice.

That's why we are known as the go-to emergency nanny service for clients across Scotland, the rest of the UK and even internationally. Our rigorous selection process and strict background checks ensure that our nannies have only the highest calibre of childcare experience on their resume. 

If you want to find out more about what hiring emergency childcare staff entails, read our blog on everything you need to know about emergency childcare.

Hiring a nanny in Scotland is a little different than in England, in that childcare is regulated by The Care Inspectorate through the recruitment agency, not the nannies themselves. This means all nannies must find work through a registered agency. At Greycoat Lumley, we are registered with The Care Inspectorate, allowing us to expertly place our nannies with families ensuring that the strictest of standards are always met. 

A temporary Scottish housekeeper 

A housekeeper is one of the most popular types of domestic staff and in Scotland there is no expectation. Our temporary housekeepers in Scotland can give you the extra help you need on a short-term basis.Their duties include a wide range of cleaning and household responsibilities and are an ideal choice if you are looking for a much needed spring clean of your home. 

If you are looking for a new housekeeper, either on a temporary or permanent basis, follow our expert tips on how to find a housekeeper in 2024

While many of our staff invariably work within Scotland's bustling cities, many will go further afield to the more rural areas of the notoriously rugged nation. We make sure to match you with staff that meets your requirements and are able to seamlessly slot into rural Scottish life.

So, if you are looking for domestic staff in Scotland then get in touch with us today. We will be able to discuss the exact requirements you are after and find you the ideal candidate tailored to your unique needs.