Butler Job

A Butler/Lady's Maid is needed for this 4 storey home in Mayfair, London. This is a fully staffed household and run like a boutique hotel. There are 4 housekeepers and a chef and this role is mainly to work with the chef on lunches and dinner service.

Butlers’ daily responsibilities:

  • Check family’s schedule for the day

  • Check family kitchen and fridges

  • Check baked goods on the counter

  • Refill coffee machine

  • Set up the table for lunch or prepare bags for packed lunch. Clear the table and wash everything by hand

  • Inform the staff group when family has lunch or packed lunch is prepared to go

  • Clear after lunch (first family kitchen, then -back of the house)

  • Liaise with Chefs if any orders are needed

  • Check butler’s stock

  • Always be around when Mr and Mrs leave the house and prepare take away tea/juice

  • Check around the house and collect dirty cups/plates from serving

  • Inform the family the dinner menu

  • Walk around the house, refill snack jars, check the cloakroom and ground floor

  • Sort the shopping if needed,

  • Check wine cellar and drinks stock

  • Prepare slippers and greet all family members when coming back to the house. Pick up shoes, coats – clean /refresh and put back in the right places if laundress is OFF

  • Deal with Mrs G shopping – get instructions and put in the right place

  • Check timing for dinner (usually boys eat at 6pm, adults at 7pm).

  • Set up the table for dinner

  • Close blinds

  • Do turn down service if housekeeper is not available on that day

  • Serve (while family is eating, please check family room, offices, gym, bathrooms), light the candle in the family room.

  • Clear the table after dinner and wash dishes by hand

  • Set up the table for breakfast

Other responsibilities:

  • Silver, brass, polish - daily

  • Change flowers when/if needed around the house

  • Check TV’s and cinema – reset if needed – daily

  • Check the paper in printers

  • Be aware of lunch/dinner menu when asked

  • Wardrobe set up

  • Shoe polish when Laundress is off

  • Travel with the family

  • Packing and unpacking  

5 days a week,

12 noon - 9pm 

Salary - depending on experience; £55,000 - £65,000 GPA