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How to graciously cancel plans over Christmas

How to graciously cancel plans over Christmas
The festive season is truly upon us and our busy lives are due a burst of wonderful and, let’s be honest, not so wonderful but unavoidable social invitations.
Although it’s a magical time of year it is very easy to overload ourselves with commitments and then fall into the trap of offending when we cancel at the last minute.

So, how do you cancel plans without offending this festive period?

Be selective

It is so easy to upset people when we cancel a previously accepted invitation. The trouble is it can be extremely hard to say no in the first place for fear of offending. Despite this we must try to as it really is kinder than accepting and then cancelling.
The many events people have to attend during the festive season are actually the perfect excuse for telling people you will get back to them after you’ve checked your diary. Then you can take the time to think things over and decide if this is an event you truly want to attend.
Don’t worry if you have to say no either, even the biggest party animals of us will need some downtime so accept that you cannot go to everything.

Know the inviter

There are those of us who see hosting guests as just like any other day and there are others of us who will plan for days or even weeks and will consider every last detail.
Equally, some of us are ok with last minute cancellations and others who sadly will never ever forget it.
Know your inviter and if unsure air err on the side of caution.

Be wary of getting caught in a lie

Honesty is definitely always the best policy even when the other person is not one to take a ‘no’ lightly.
Everyone will have the odd emergency which results in cancelling plans and these times are often easier to explain. However, if the reason you are cancelling is down to you just not wanting to go out and you simply can’t face it, be as honest as is appropriate and come up with a plausible excuse and inform all involved ASAP.

When you have to cancel do it with kindness

Cancelling is all about timing and you should do it at the earliest convenience. Don’t text, call and if this out of the question text and say you will call later, but make sure you indicate how sorry you are and that you have a good reason.

Make amends if you have to cancel and rearrange ASAP

Consider if anyone is going to be out of pocket because of your actions and make sure you offer to cover the cost.
Show someone they are important to you by rearranging ASAP and if you have really let someone down it might be best to consider an extra special apology such as flowers or a nice card.
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