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Meet the Manager - Collette Negre
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Meet the Manager - Collette Negre

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

Name: Collette Negre or Colls

Job Title: Live Out Nanny Consultant

What did you do before joining Greycoat Lumleys?
I worked for the family business back in Kent

How long have you been working at Greycoat Lumleys?
7 years in March next year. I started on reception, then moved up to office manager and since July 2015 I have been running the Live Out Nanny desk

What do you like best about your job?
The variety and the people. I really enjoy finding a nanny their next role. I also enjoy meeting new candidates and catching up with current candidates. I have recently taken on the social media for the Childcare team, I love looking for new and fun things to post; I apologise for the ‘funny’ jokes.

What are the most difficult challenges or your least favourite aspects of the job?
My least favourite part is telling someone they have not been successful for a role after an interview more so if they really interested in that particular role

What are the five main points you look for when receiving a Candidates CV?
1. Clear contact information
2. Any employment gaps explained
3. Duties to be in bullet points (not paragraphs of information)
4. Months & Years of employment (eg: Jan 2014 to Aug 2016)
5. A brief blurb about you (we don’t need to know your life history)
*NOTE – never put KIDS always use Children on your CV

When you first meet a Candidate; what three things stand out for you?
1. Time keeping (if you're late for me, will you be late for a client)
2. Presentation (smart/casual dress, not too much make up, no over-powering perfume/cologne)
3 Smiley

What key piece of advice do you give to your candidates when they are going to an interview?
Be on time!! if you can get there early, scope out the area, know where you are going. Ask your consultant about the family. Relax and listen, if the children come into the room say hello to them, try to ask a couple of questions when prompted, we can help you if you think you will get stuck.

Getting more personal
What do you like to do on the weekends?
I occasionally drive down to see my family in Broadstairs Kent, take the family dog out with my dad along the beach; sometimes I try get to go horse riding with my cousin. Catching up with friends and family and yes the occasional alcoholic beverage!!

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
I should say New Zealand as my sister lives there, but I do like Cyprus or anywhere hot, with a pool

What would you call your signature dish?
Crispy Chicken

Do you have any pets?
By proxy, I claim my parents dog Maggie

List five items you could not live without?
1. FaceTime (the best to stay in touch with my sister)
2. Camera
3. Car
4. My best friends
5. Family

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