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Meet the Team - Kaisha Hastu
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Meet the Team - Kaisha Hastu

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 8 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

Name: Kaisha Hastu

Job Title: Maternity Nurse & Live In Nanny Consultant

What did you do before joining Greycoat Lumleys?
I moved to the UK about 2 years ago and prior to that, I used to be a television anchor and producer for non-fiction shows. I worked in the TV industry for about 10 years and interviewed celebrities and political figures. I like this role reversal… it’s refreshing to give an interviews and not be on the other side of the fence 

How long have you been working at Greycoat Lumleys?
I have been working since Dec 2015 and loving every minute of it.

What do you like best about your job?
The constant strive to create a perfect match! Finding the right candidate for the right family and vice –versa. I also hugely enjoy working with my lovely team who have been ever so welcoming and warm towards me! Recruitment is a completely new industry for me and these lovelies’ gals have made it joy ride so far!

What are the most difficult challenges or your least favourite aspects of the job?
I have always enjoyed a good challenge and there is no fun without ups and downs. They are all part of my journey and every day is new and exciting!

What are the five main points you look for when receiving a Candidates CV?
1. Detailed information and complete dates of each employment.
2. Longevity in positions
3. Languages spoken
4. Qualifications
5. Contact details and availability

When you first meet a Candidate; what three things stand out for you?
1. Punctuality
2. Eye contact.
3. Appearance and a firm hand shake

What key piece of advice do you give to your candidates when they are going to an interview?
Be on time, listen attentively, ask pertinent questions and smile!

Getting more personal
What do you like to do on the weekends?
I am such a home bird that nothing relaxes me more than watch some good telly or snuggling up with a good book and a hot cuppa and a ton of munchies!
I am also an avid foodie so the husband and I often spend one day of the weekend trying out a new cuisine in an effort to satiate our forever growing appetite!

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
Maldives – Clear blue waters, lip smacking sea food and a potent cocktail. Bliss!

What would you call your signature dish?
I am quite the curry queen!

Do you have any pets?
Not in London but back home with my parent’s lives my little Apso called Sasha. Even though we are in a long distance relationship these days we make sure to exchange lengthy bow-wow love notes on Face Time every weekend!

List five items you could not live without?
1. My phone (Admittedly an addict)
2. Chicken wings
3. A good book
4. A hot water bottle (oh I swear by it for all my aches and pains)
5. Green tea

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