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Hershey's Christmas Trees
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Christmas Treat - Hershey's Christmas Trees

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

Christmas is just around the corner & here at Greycoat Lumleys we cannot wait. Our very own Marketing Assistant Chris has kindly provided the office with some delicious easy to make Hershey's Christmas Trees. Here is Chris's recipe.


Chocolate Gold Coins

Hershey's Peanut Buttercups (usually comes in packs of three)

Hershey's Kissables (used cookies & cream flavour)

Sprinkles (personal favourite is multi-coloured ones)


Milk Chocolate Stars 


Start by first stacking a peanut buttercup face-down as your foundation.

Use the icing and paste this on top of the peanut buttercup and then stack a normal sized chocolate gold coin.

Use the icing again but this time on top of the chocolate gold coin and stack another peanut butter cup face-down.

Use the icing and paste this on top of the peanut buttercup and then stack a small sized chocolate gold coin.

Use the icing once more on top of the small sized chocolate gold coin but this time put the Hershey's kissable face-up on top so it resembles a Christmas tree shape.

Once you are happy with the structure of your Christmas tree you can now decorate it! The fun part is you can be creative and design your tree the way you want. Here is my personal favourite way to decorate:

Use the icing by connecting at the top of the tree and make your way down the structure to create your very own tinsel (used Yellow & green colouring).

Use the sprinkles by using your hand to go above the structure and rub your thumb and index finger to sprinkle all over your tinsel.

On top of the tree use the flavour colouring to help your ornament attach on top of the tree. For my tree it is a star.

And there you are! Delicious Hershey's Christmas trees. Safe to say Chris is very popular right now and thank him very much for the treats.

Please be conscious that the recipe contains nuts and to make aware in case of nut allergies. Thank you. 

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