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Tuesday Restaurant Recommendations- Roast

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author:by Christopher Adshead

​Not too long ago, I went to a lovely restaurant located at London Bridge behind the infamous Borough Cheese Market. I went with my former work colleagues to celebrate a very important award we achieved and were subsequently treated to dining at the restaurant.

On arrival we received a warm welcome from the waiter and were escorted to the restaurant upstairs. The room was beautifully decorated and I would describe the layout as neo-classical.
As we took our seats, we were presented with Wine and went for the ‘Croft 1994’ bottle. The wine was tasty and was very smooth on the palate. It was great wine and as a non-wine drinker, I can honestly say it has converted me!

Source: Roast Restaurant

We all began with starters and the options on the menu were varied and appetising. I genuinely had trouble deciding what to have, as they were all so good. In the end I decided to go for the Pea & Bacon soup and I was not disappointed. I would describe the dish as smooth, creamy, and above all- simply delicious. Every spoonful was heavenly and I could have easily had another bowl!

Next came the main dish and again, I could not decide which dish to choose. This time, I asked the waiter for his recommendation. The waiter’s response was to go for that day’s special; Fish & Chips. I thought really? Fish & Chips? A meal you could practically get anywhere on your local streets? I was of the opinion that I should perhaps be trying something more gourmet, given that it was a treat to be in such an amazing eatery like Roast. At the same time, I was so curious about the waiters’ recommendation and decided to go for it. To this day, It was the best Fish & Chips I have ever had by a country mile! The dish was presented in true class, with the contents wrapped in that day’s Financial Times newspaper. Describing the taste of the dish does not do it justice, but if I could it would be ‘Pure deliciousness’. I have no idea how Fish & Chips could taste so amazing but credit has to go to the head chef and the waiter for recommending the dish to me.

Source: Roast Restaurant

For Dessert, I went for the Chocolate Yule Log (easy decision as I love chocolate). The log was simply scrumptious (as you would expect from chocolate), but the textures and flavours were heavenly and I would most certainly have the dessert again.

There you have it! I have no reservations recommending Roast. We enjoyed our meals & the service was fantastic from beginning to end. The restaurant is a bit pricey, however, if you want to find and try the best Fish & Chips of your life- Roast is the place to be!

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