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Top Cleaning Tips From The Professionals
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Top cleaning tips from the professionals

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​Let’s be honest, for most of us cleaning the house is a real chore; one that if we had the opportunity we would readily pass onto a professional cleaner. If you have ever called in the professionals, you may have wondered how they make the onerous task look so easy, we certainly have. Here are some top tips we have learnt from top cleaning professionals, to add to your own cleaning routine, allowing you to spend less time cleaning your home and more time enjoying it.

So what do the professionals know that we don’t?

The good news is that cleaning needn’t be the arduous task we all fear. However, it requires spending small amounts of time on a daily basis rather than an entire day every week or so. It also requires being organised, so you don’t spend more time looking for your cleaning equipment than actually cleaning. Furthermore, it doesn’t require expensive industrial strength cleaning products and expensive gadgets.

  • They get organised with the right tools - Professionals keep everything they could possibly need in handy organisers. Fill a plastic bin or bucket with all of your cleaning supplies, clothes and brushes. Keep it somewhere easily accessible and consider having one upstairs as well as downstairs.

  • Their favourite cleaner is probably in your cupboards - You'd think that they would have some crazy secret weapon up their sleeves, but the best thing they have is white vinegar and water. It cleans well and even clears residue left behind by other cleaners. Fill a spray bottle with one part vinegar, three parts water.

  • They prefer microfiber cloths, but reach for clever substitutes if unavailable - The secret to efficient dusting is a proper cleaning cloth. Microfiber is the best, however, if you don't have one, use a rag that's 100% cotton, an old pillowcase or an old T-shirt, and dampen it slightly.

  • They know that cleaning products take time to really work - Let your cleaners do the work for you. Spray the shower walls and the toilet and leave them to do their job for several minutes. Use that time to clean the mirrors, windows, medicine cabinet, and whatever else is in the room. Then go back and wash off with a lot less elbow grease.

  • They clear the clutter first - Clear the clutter out of a room, so you can start with a blank canvass. Clutter often results in us cleaning around things, and makes rooms look a mess even when clean. Keeping up with this on a daily basis, makes it more manageable and prevents big piles of discarded post or shoes appearing.

  • They vacuum before they mop - Always vacuum or sweep before you mop. You do not want wet hair on your floor as it can be difficult to remove. When it's time to mop, start from the far corner and make your way to the door.

  • They do the bathrooms last - It's best to start in the bedroom rather than the bathroom to minimise bacterial transfer.

  • They vacuum the right way - Vacuum into the room over the high-traffic areas and then vacuum yourself out, so you hit the most walked-on spots twice. To cover the most amount of floor in the least amount of time, utilise the central plug in your home to save time on having to re-plug it. If your vacuum has a particularly short cord, add an extension lead and hold it as you vacuum to avoid sucking it up.

  • They always have a toothbrush on hand - Small brushes get into those tiny cracks in the bathroom and kitchen.

  • They know how to streak-proof your windows - A paper towel and window cleaner doesn’t always do the job. If your windows are small, use newspaper to clean the glass and avoid streaks. If your windows are particularly large, the best approach is to use a squeegee. This cuts down on time and helps you reach the edges where a lot of dust can build up.

  • They use magic! Well, magic erasers!
 Magic erasers are considered ‘magical’ because they can clean almost any surface and they can get rid of everything from stains, dirt and crayon marks.

So there you have it, top tips, time-saving ideas and bags of advice, so now hopefully cleaning will be less of a chore.

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