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Life As A Chalet Host
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Life as a chalet host

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​For lots of people, the view of a chalet host is probably a young, not long out of school, skier, snow-boarding obsessive who likes to party all night and is looking for a free ride onto the slopes.

This view however couldn’t be further from the truth as the modern day chalet host is as likely to be a university graduate on a gap year, an older person taking a sabbatical, a couple who enjoy working as a team or even people who have retired.

Working in a ski resort is an incredible experience whatever your age, background or experience and yes there is one thing that unites everyone - the appeal of being up in the mountains with snow all around them.

Chalet hosting allows for plenty of time to enjoy the snow though the work is hard and the hours are long and guests do have high expectations. If you get the balance right between always putting the needs of the guest first, you will be rewarded with enjoying great food, meeting lots of people and experiences that you will remember forever - plus let’s not forget the mountains and snow.

What will a chalet host be expected to do?

A chalet host’s job is to ensure that guests have a fantastic holiday. Each chalet host role will vary however, you will always be expected to take responsibility for general housekeeping, laundry, tidying and cleaning on a daily basis with deep cleaning required when new guests are due for arrival.

Some larger chalets like to employ a couple, with one looking after the cooking and the other the more traditional hosting. However, a large number of chalets employ one person who can cook up a good breakfast, bake a cake for afternoon tea and serve a hearty evening meal, then spend the rest of their time cleaning and tidying the chalet. Even for those working in a chalet where there is a dedicated chef, the chalet host will be expected to help with service and laying the table.

What experience and skills do you need to be a chalet host?

The level of experience required will depend on chalet to chalet. Some employers will expect a certain level of hospitality, customer service or catering experience others will want language skills. However, all employers will expect a chalet host to be well presented, confident, enthusiastic, professional and of course trustworthy. Being able to think on your feet, be hard-working and have a friendly fun loving and outgoing personality is also an essential part of what’s needed to be a great chalet host.

Being well organised will certainly take a lot of the stress out of the job and not being afraid of hard work will make it much easier and surprisingly you don’t have to worry if you’re not a world-class skier.

What are the salary and benefits?

Your package will often include travel, accommodation, food, ski hire, lift pass and a weekly salary. 

Working as a chalet host will certainly be a challenge. However, your reward for all the effort you put into making your guests’ time memorable and enjoyable will be the time you get to spend in the mountains and on the snow.

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