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What It’s Really Like To Work A Ski Season
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What it’s really like to work a ski season

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​Every year hundreds of workers head to ski resorts all over the world to begin their first ski season. Some see it as a way to fill the winter months with something exciting on their gap year, others see it as a cost effective way of being on the snow as much as possible.

For many it is a chance to take the time to reflect and consider new career opportunities and of course there are those that simply see it as a means to meet lots of new people with a shared interest.

Whatever the reason, many find that ski season jobs are strangely addictive and this is why so many people who intended to only work one season end up coming back time and time again.

Whatever your reason for considering working a ski season, there is one thing for sure, it will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

In an ideal world you will experience the beautiful mountains, the clear blue skies and days spent on the powdery fresh snow and evenings partying in all the top night spots.

But what is it really like to do a ski season, can you have it all?

Yes and no is the honest answer.

It certainly isn’t a free ride as you will be expected to work hard as well as play hard. The guests you will be looking after will have high expectations of you- after all ski holidays are expensive and they will have looked forward to this all year!

So, let’s look at some of the facts about working the ski season:

Ski seasons are hard work
Well yes, this is true! Looking after people on holiday is demanding and involves quite a high level of thinking and planning ahead, and always with a cheerful smile and attitude that nothing is too much trouble - but as the days pass you will find you develop a routine and quickly get into your stride.
Typically, jobs in a ski resort involve getting up early to work for a few hours, then you can ski (or sleep!) through the day, coming back to work in the afternoon and evening, then going out at night if you chose. Often you will be working a 6 day week and changeover days (on Saturdays and Sundays) tend to be frantic- so you must be well organized. It is a clear case of the more you put in the more you get out and the friendships you make both with guests and your fellow season workers will last a lifetime.

You can take the time to improve your skiing and snowboarding
This is also true and hitting the slopes is a big reason you’ll be there!
Most jobs include a season lift pass, which is a big bonus and allows you to spend as much of your free time on the snow as you want and plenty of time to improve your technique in all conditions.
If you are a beginner, you can often get some free or cheap lessons to help you learn as well.
Experienced season workers know it is best to ease into the season and as a rule of thumb take it easy the first seven full days on the mountain, building up to the harder terrain as the season progresses. After all your lift pass is for the full season and it’s best not to rush and risk an injury and have to end the season early!

There are plenty of opportunities to party
Now of course après-ski is one of the main attractions of doing a ski season but you will need a good balance between work, rest and play or you run the risk of not making it to the end of the season because of injury or you’ve simply burnt yourself out.
It’s also a good idea to research the different resorts as some are very lively and others a quiet backwater.

You will make lots of friends
This one is very much up to you but many people who have worked a ski season make lifelong friends.
There is no doubting arriving will seem daunting, especially as you might not know anyone, however this feeling lasts just a day or two and you will generally all be in the same situation.

A ski season looks good on your CV
There is nothing like working a ski season for leaping out of your comfort zone and how can that look bad on a CV?
You will be learning new things, work long hours, meet and manage the expectations of a constant stream of new people and will have to manage your time effectively and keep a smile on your face every day, all great skills and experiences for your CV that employers love.
There will always be those people who ‘don’t get it’ but try to ignore them and remember you really do get out what you put in.

You don’t have to be young
More mature applicants are very welcome as they offer a lot in terms of personality, life experience, emotional maturity as well as providing very high standards of customer service.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let’s be honest if you’re considering spending the winter in the mountains you probably have an adventurous side to you, enjoy a challenge and a ski season will certainly give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience new things and make lifetime friends and memories.
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