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Why Domestic Couples Are So In Demand
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Why Domestic Couples are so in demand

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​When deciding to hire staff to work within your home it can be a difficult task to actually pinpoint what role would be best to hire for.
Every family is unique, and each has a varying array of tasks that they need help with within their family home to ensure it runs smoothly and effectively, leaving them free to arrange their own daily lives.

A Housekeeper or Handyperson could provide some of the skills, but then again you might also need someone to help with the children, the pets, the garden and of course all the DIY and even someone who can even help out with the numerous events your children need driving to.
The busy and varied lives we and our families live are the exact reason why more and more families are hiring a Domestic Couple.
A dynamic and experienced team of two who can make your family and working life so much easier, leaving you and the family able to get on with your own business, knowing that their home and lives are taken care of effectively.

So, what are Domestic Couples?
Traditionally Domestic Couples are a husband and wife team who are professionally trained to provide their services within a private family home.
However, although many applicants are still couples, today we are seeing many new ‘couples’ including brothers and sisters and even friends who join their skills together to become the ultimate household taskforce.
Although each will take on varying individual tasks a Domestic Couple will work closely together helping and supporting each other to ensure the daily tasks get completed in the best way possible.

So, what are the benefits of Domestic Couples?
A Domestic Couple has the huge advantage of a history of working closely and well together and will have a strong communication style.
A Domestic Couple will share their accommodation and salary, which makes it cheaper for a family rather than paying three of four members of staff who all might need accommodation.
Domestic Couples offer multiple and varied skills such as childcare, gardening, DIY, cooking, housekeeping, PA duties and general maintenance and upkeep of the house.
The role of a Domestic Couple is always varied and candidates will be happy to discuss your family priorities during the selection process to ensure they best manage your household duties.

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