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How To Make ‘Back To School’ Easier For Everyone!
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How to make ‘back to school’ easier for everyone!

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​Although we are in the midst of the school summer holidays thoughts of your ‘back to school’ routine are probably starting to creep back into your mind.
The good news is that with a little effort and planning it is possible for your list of ‘to-dos’ for the new term and the stress that comes with them to be very manageable.
Follow these tips on how to make your ‘back to school’ routine run smoothly:

  • Check Uniforms - obvious but very easily forgotten and something that can cause maximum stress especially if a new school is involved. Many items can be ordered online now and don’t forget PE Kits and the time needed to label items

  • Keep friendships going - it can be easy to forget school friendships during holidays especially for younger children who rely on you to plan playdates. Try to arrange a few playdates with as many school friends as possible before the new term starts

  • Plan before and after school arrangements - try and get ahead with planning for childcare before and after school so that you and the children know what will be happening on each day. Include these details in family calendar so everyone can see

  • Set up a ‘landing zone’ - as soon as the children come in the front door is the time and place you want all the ‘key’ school items kept. PE Kits, school bags and shoes all need a home so that there isn’t a mad dash to find them the next day

  • Get stationery supplies - a new term means new stationery and pencil case, and this is a great opportunity to get the children interested in going back to school, especially reluctant ones. Try and have spares for certain items that are often lost

  • Plan lunches and snacks - packed lunches and after school snacks can be a catalyst for arguments and by involving the children in the planning stage you hopefully will be getting them fully onboard. Consider asking the children to pick their 5 favourite packed lunches and then you can change them weekly

  • Use each task wisely - each step of the back to school routine can be used to try and get your children excited about going back to school and focused on the positives. Now is the time to start talking about how the before and after school routine is going to work and any concerns they might have

  • Have a checklist- give each child their own personalised checklist for before and after school activities. Include even the basics such as cleaning teeth which can be easily forgotten in the rush. By giving each child a clear visual list, it really helps things run smoothly, ensures they know what to do without being told and enables them to learn to take responsibility for themselves

  • Establish a sleep routine - get your children's sleeping pattern back into a routine in the week prior to going back to school so they won’t be tired during their first week back at school

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