Private Chefs & Cooks Staffing

A number of Greycoat Lumleys’ Recruitment Consultants are qualified Chefs or very proficient Cooks, so we know what we are looking for in our Chefs! We register Chefs and Cooks from a wide breadth of experience and backgrounds, from top Chefs trained in Michelin environments, to self taught, vastly experienced Chefs who have worked with clients internationally. We maintain a strong Chef database to meet a huge spectrum of Client requirements.

Some Chefs have to be great team players, able to work well in fully staffed households and develop good relationships with other members of staff. Others may be required to work alone, or solely on their own initiative. But certainly all need to have a passion for their chosen profession and an ability to satisfy the day to day needs of the employer, whether that means healthy family cooking, dinner party cooking to a high standard or catering for large numbers on a regular basis.

Some Clients have very specific dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian and vegan, gluten and sugar free, Kosher, organic…..every job is different and we look for Chefs with all styles of cuisine to fit our Clients' requests.

Available Candidates

The Candidates featured below are just a selection taken from the huge database of Candidates actively looking for work through Greycoat Lumleys.

If you don't see an ideal Candidate here, call us to discuss your needs.

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Meet the Private Chef Team

Zoe Vickery
Permanent Private Chefs for London, South of England & Wales
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Laura Harrall
Private Chefs for North of England
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Lesley Jones
Permanent & Temporary Private Chefs for Scotland
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Natalie Cleary
International & Temporary Private Chefs and My Chef
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Laura Sandels
MYCHEF Consultant
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Our Offices

Greycoat Lumleys London office covers jobs in London, South of England, Wales and International
Greycoat Lumleys Manchester office covers jobs in the North of England
Greycoat Lumleys Edinburgh office covers jobs in Scotland