Nannytax Payroll Service

Greycoat Lumleys is pleased to recommend Nannytax for all your Payroll Needs for Permanent Nannies.  

If you employ a Nanny in your household in the UK, you have the same legal responsibilities as a commercial employer and you must operate a PAYE Scheme and pay the appropriate Tax and National Insurance on their behalf.

Nannytax is the UK’s leading’s payroll provider for Nanny employers. Since 1993 they have supported thousands of families and their Nannies by providing an all-inclusive easy-to-use and friendly payroll service:

  • Complete Tax and National Insurance administration
  • Payslips for your Nanny for every payday
  • Administration of Statutory Sick/Maternity Pay, Benefits in Kind
  • Online Members Area for you and your nanny
  • Employment Law Support through Nannytax Legal
  • Comprehensive template Nanny contract
  • Additional services such as Employers Liability Insurance and Nanny Insurance
  • An Auto Enrolment management solution

Through Nannytax’s experienced and friendly team of advisors and payrollers you’ll have peace of mind that your employer’s payroll obligations and your Nanny’s Tax and National Insurance are all efficiently taken care of.

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