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Advice And Tips For Longevity And Success
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Have you worked long term for the same employer? Here is Greycoat Lumleys’ advice and tips for longevity and success.

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​Working long term for the same employer can be very satisfying – you can reach a deep level of trust and understanding and can both reap the benefits of familiarity, security and consistency. But it can be easy to fall into routines and not be open to new ideas, or perhaps even fall into bad habits. Maybe you could think how to ‘keep it fresh’ and revitalise your approach once in a while?

Having the right skills at the right time in order to get your dream job is important, but could you also keep up to date and renew your qualifications when necessary? This enables you to maintain your knowledge and interest, but also, no matter what happens around you in terms of possible fluctuating job markets, you will be skilled and employable. Particularly for Nannies, where current thinking in childcare is susceptible to change, this can be a key factor. Even for roles such as Gardeners, where methods and approaches to cultivation are constantly evolving, it can be important to keep up with trends. Employers really appreciate employees who are on the ball and looking for ways of improving their working methods.

We have found recently that some Housekeepers are being asked to go much more ‘green’ and energy-efficient. These days, ultra-modern households are much more conscious of their carbon footprints and have technology built in to help reduce this. Ask yourself if you could you cope with working in a household that suddenly adopts green policies - are you willing to adapt and learn? The willingness to take on board new methods and having a reasonably enthusiastic attitude can work wonders in giving you renewed vigour in a long term job. Perhaps you could even suggest or instigate new, more efficient methods to run the household more effectively? If it saves your employer money in the long run, then even better!

Training and development are vital assets in lots of areas, from Schools’ Pastoral roles to a multitude of roles internationally. Learning another language, completing a computer course, doing a Common Core Skills course to enhance your childcare knowledge, renewing your First Aid regularly – these all show dedication and commitment. Even though there are not many opportunities for ‘career progression’ in the private household world in the traditional sense, it does not mean you should ignore the wealth of opportunities available.

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