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What Makes A Good Dinner Party Chef
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What Makes A Good Dinner Party Chef by Laura Sandels

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

About the Consultant…

Name: Laura Sandels

Job Title: Recruitment consultant

What did you do before joining Greycoat Lumleys?
I used to work in the Head Office for a large retail company outside of London. I also in a former life trained as a Midwife! I have always enjoyed working with people and am enjoying working here at Greycoat Lumleys

How long have you been working at Greycoat Lumleys?
I started back in the summer of 2015 as a candidate resourcer to the Private Catering Sector. I have worked my way up and now I am the consultant responsible for the My Chef desk- Greycoat Lumleys very own dinner party service. I also work on the Permanent Chefs Desk alongside my colleague Zoe.

What do you like best about your job?
One of my favourite times of year is Christmas. The My Chef desk really comes alive and even though it is extremely busy, I love speaking with everyone about their Christmas dinners and finding them the perfect chef for them and their families. The My Chef desk is a lovely desk to run because you help people plan some really exciting dinners and special occasions and help them through that process.

Which four individuals, living or not, would you like to have a MyChef dinner party with?
Such a tough one. I would definitely get 4 people who would know how to have a laugh and a real party!

My First choice would be Stephen Fry as I just find him fascinating- he would have the most wonderful stories and I think I would come away from it feeling a lot smarter than I arrived!

My Second choice would be Robin Williams. When he passed away in 2014 I was devastated. He was such a talent and the ability to make anyone laugh!

My Third choice would be David Bowie. I can only imagine the parties he would have been to and the people he met in his life. I would also just have his music on repeat in the background..!

My last chance would be Adele… her laugh and her character are infectious and she is one of my favourite artists. I am going to see her in June, I could hand her an invite then!

Are you a keen chef yourself and what is your signature dish?
We have some really talented chefs in my family but I would say I am definitely not one of them! I love cooking new dishes and restaurants and always like to try things out. If I was to name one dish, I have been told in the past that I do make a pretty good roast!

About the Candidate…

What are the most important things you look for when receiving a Candidates' CV?
I like to have a clear and concise CV. We receive a lot of applicants for the private cooking jobs. Bit of a tip- food photos are a great way to make your CV stand out!

When you first meet a Candidate; what is expected from the candidate to impress you?
I like my candidates to meet me as if I were the client. It is important to present yourself well and always have a smile. I really enjoy meeting candidates who are personable and can talk me through their experience and places they have worked.

What key pieces of advice do you give to your candidates when they are going to an interview?
Be prepared and come up with some ideas for menus before you meet the client. Speak with us in the office and we can talk through the details of the job so you can start thinking of ideas.

If a candidate is yet to secure their first private chef role through us, what advice would you give them in order to boost their CV or get their foot in the door?
Always be polite. We receive a large amount of applicants so along with putting together a good CV which really stands out, remember to make a good impression on the telephone!

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