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Signs That Employing A Nanny Is The Right Decision For You
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Signs that employing a Nanny is the right decision for you

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

​If you’ve been considered hiring a Nanny, you will now be fully aware that it can be a challenging decision that requires a lot of deliberation and soul searching.
There are lots of childcare options and each one can offer your family both negatives and positives.
But how do you know if you are making the right childcare choice for your family, especially if the decision comes at a time of other big life changes such as going back to work?
To help you reach your decision on whether or not a Nanny is the right childcare option for you we have put together a list of signs that highlight that your family could benefit from a Nanny’s support.

Tailored and personalised childcare

Fitting your life and career around your childcare can often feel like an uphill struggle. You are tied to set hours, holidays and rules and so often there isn’t a tailored service.
Choosing to hire a Nanny allows you to specify the hours, duties and rules and this can make your family’s life run a lot smoother.
Plus, other childcare choices such as childminders or nurseries are group led and it can be hard for your child to receive the individual support and attention they need in their key early years.
Choosing to hire a Nanny presents a personalised service that not only offers a level of peace of mind that only individual, dedicated childcare can offer, but gives your child someone’s undivided attention to concentrate on their happiness, wellbeing and development.

Extra quality time

Other childcare choices still require getting your children out the house in the morning and back again at night. We have all had that morning when you have an important early appointment and your little one decides today is the day they are going to take an hour to clean their teeth.
On these days, when everyone is rushing about, and no one listens when you shout breakfast is ready, imagine not having to get the kids out of the house as the trusted childcare comes to you.
Employing a Nanny allows a family friendly routine where there is an opportunity for one-to-one attention and long-term continuity of care.
The kids get to spend time in their own homes and there is the added benefit that a Nanny can potentially carry out other duties such as washing, ironing and cooking, so when you arrive home you can savour every moment with your children, rather than rushing them to bed so you can tackle the chores.

You can be in two places at one

Alright we don’t mean literally, but hiring a Nanny ensures that your children can take part in the activities they enjoy when you are a work.
That after school swimming class is possible, playdates too and of course there is someone there to look after your children when they are sick and off school.
Often you can’t take unplanned time off suddenly and asking grandparents and friends can soon wear thin for all involved.
Children want a familiar setting where they can relax, socialise, complete their homework and have a good meal in their home environment.
A Nanny can share your responsibilities and free up your time to focus on yourself and your family.

At nanny agency Greycoat Lumleys our years of experience recruiting Nannies for clients all over the globe has certainly given us one key insight: our clients who choose to employ a Nanny for the first time, soon wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

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