Year round Chalet Couple Job

Domestic Couple/Property Guardians – Megeve  

Greycoat Lumleys is proud to be offering another Year-round Couple position in The French Alps. The role is to be based in Meegeve and is a Permanent position for a professional Household Couple. The Principals who are longstanding clients of Greycoat Lumleys hope to find candidates with the following skill set.

Role of caretaker,

  • Table service and care of the cellar, former experience as a waiter is useful),

  • Cleaning/maintenance of the service parts of the house including drive, garage, cellar, and plant rooms

  • Cleaning the surroundings of the house such as the front door step, 2 balconies, and smaller areas of the garden

The role of caretaker requires a person to have experience of and understand modern systems of heating and lighting in the house, including 4.50m jacuzzi, and be able to take care of it.  This person (or both) should be able to drive and take care of general maintenance of the outside and the garden between visits of a gardening company that looks after the green spaces, trees and planters, including geraniums in the summer, and arrangements of pine branches and cones in the winter. Monitor the work of the gardeners. The chalet has a heated ramp that leads to the house but there is a little part next to the chalet and at the entrance where the snowplough does not pass, which is not heated, and the snow must be cleared by hand daily if necessary. 

Role of Cook/Housekeeper Chalet Manager

  • Menu planning alongside the lady Principal

  • Cooking to all daily needs and dietary requirements when family and guests are in residence

  • Shopping for the household.

  • Assist the daily Housekeeper

  • Assist with guest of a secondary property for which the Daily Housekeeper is responsible.

The principals eat fairly simple meals with fresh seasonal ingredients, and at least a domestic standard of cooking is required. Examples of menus and photos of their cooking is useful if submitted with an application. Simple flower arranging is also required. The cook would have to take care of the shopping alongside her partner and menu planning with the Principal. Both candidates should be familiar with the use of the internet. There is a daily Housekeeper who has been with the family for 23 years and does not want to leave so the cook of the couple does not have to do the housework apart from keeping the kitchen spotlessly clean. However, if the daily should leave she would have to take over her role which is care of the 7 bedroom/sitting rooms, and laundry. 

The secondary chalet is not not lived in it an d is rented by the Principals during the winter, and summer season.  The successful couple would be required to help with certain aspect of running this house alongside the Principal and Housekeeper such as possibly welcoming rental guests, and checking them out, and being available for questions and even help, as the two chalets are close by.  The Principals sometimes entertain, or have guests to stay, and the successful couple would need to be able to handle an occasional dinner party for up to 12-14, all meals for the family and occasional houseguests Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners and an occasional buffet for 24 max.  If necessary the Principals can try to bring in to help with the service for dinners if we are more than 8.

The accommodation is a charming cottage (mazot) with living, dining, kitchen areas, and 2 bedrooms, linked to the chalet by a pleasant underground passage. They have an indoor heated parking space, and if they have their own car, a petrol allowance and maintenance allowance is offered to the candidates for practical work purposes.

The Principals use the chalet for approx 3 months a year, and they have the usual holidays and wages to be discussed according to experience.  The Principals are very generous with other benefits.  The couple should be looking for a long-term role as the Principal offer them a comfortable home with exceptional facilities, advantages and comfort.  The family are considerate and understanding employers who create a cheerful and give and take attitude. The family seeks experienced, reliable, agreeable and flexible people.

Job Id:114829

Salary: €5,000 NET per month combined

Consultant: Archie McClintock 

Applicants for this role must be French speaking, nonsmokers and should not have pets or dependents. They must have E.U passports or French carte de Sejours to be able to apply.