Chauffeurs & Fleet Management

The role of the Chauffeur can be straight forward – to drive the Principal and his colleagues, business associates, or guests as required, and we regularly provide Chauffeurs and Fleet Managers for Chairpersons, CEOs, Managing Directors and so on.

But the role has changed somewhat in recent years. The traditional role does still exist, where driving duties and care and maintenance of the vehicle or fleet of vehicles is the primary concern of the Chauffeur, but nowadays, the client may also require the Chauffeur to have additional, specialist skills.

The Chauffeur may be required:

  • To have a degree of flexibility regarding other duties when not required for driving
  • For example, basic administrative or handyperson duties if working in a corporate setting
  • To have skills directly related to driving, for example, security

In addition to the more traditional Chauffeur, some Clients may require a more specialist type of support, specifically Security. London has one of the highest number of Ultra High Net Worth individuals in residence and therefore have a deeper need for security surrounding their day to day activities.

We can provide Chauffeurs who have trained in advanced driving awareness and techniques and understand the need to be security conscious whilst driving their principals. Many of our Chauffeurs are ex-military or ex-police and therefore have specialist training in risk assessment, logistics and are able to liaise with a security team that may already be in place.

Available Candidates

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Chauffeur & Fleet Management Team

Jen Russell
Jen Russell
Chauffeurs & Fleet Management for London, South of England & Wales
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Laura Harrall
Chauffeurs for North of England
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Lesley Jones
Chauffeurs for Scotland
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