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Greycoat’s International Team offers the same bespoke, quality recruitment service for Clients who are seeking professional staff for their Private Households, Estates, Villas, Palaces and Yachts outside of the UK.

When looking for staff to work in an overseas residence, our dedicated International Team is here to help with all enquiries. We offer advice and assistance throughout the recruitment process and our Consultants give careful thought to the cultural requirements of our Clients and the regions in which we may be placing staff.

Why would clients choose to recruit international staff from a UK based agency?

First and foremost, our assumption is that they are seeking the highest calibre of service from both agency and the staff they employ. Our international team of consultants take the time to understand individual requirements, with a focus on identifying the very best candidate. Why narrow the search to a local pool of candidates when Greycoat can offer the very best choice from an international database of talent? It is our experience that the perfect candidate may currently be residing in a different country.

Every international recruitment campaign is unique

Local knowledge may be essential for the position and a candidate who understands the nuances of the local region may be required or, it may be more appropriate to hire an individual who is not entrenched in the local community. Specific language skills may be essential in order to have a candidate who can communicate with local staff/contractors. Perhaps you are seeking to bring traditional British style Butler services to your overseas residences or, feel a different style of management may be required to optimise the performance of your international staff. Whatever the requirements, we are here to offer the highest standards of service. Whether searching for a senior level Director to manage an entire portfolio of international property or a hands on member of staff, we have selected the highest calibre of individuals from each local region

Available International Staff

The Candidates featured below are just a selection taken from the huge database of Candidates actively looking for work through Greycoat Lumleys. Looking for an international nanny?

If you don't see an ideal Candidate here, call us to discuss your needs.

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Meet the Greycoat Lumleys Team

Andy Hodges
International Private Household Staffing
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Archie McClintock
International Private Household Staffing
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Pamela Dumas
International Childcare
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Jo Winn
International Maternity Nurse
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective interview process for me to follow with international candidates?

Where a candidate is living in a different country or currently travelling, we recommend you arrange an initial telephone or skype video interview. Time and expense can be saved by introducing this first step to the process. The next step would be to arrange a personal interview with the candidate.

Do I pay interview travel expenses?

If a candidate is required to travel internationally to an interview, travel and accommodation and reasonable subsistence expenses are usually paid by the client.

Do you meet all of your International candidates? How do you pre-screen your candidates?

Due to logistics, we do not meet every single international candidate. We do however conduct a full telephone and /or video Skype interview. The international team frequently travel internationally to meet with candidates throughout the year. We request copies of passports, identity cards, and references. If we have not seen an original passport, candidates are requested to take original documents with them to an interview for verification by the client.

What is the statutory holiday entitlement for international candidates?

Full time employees’ statutory holiday entitlement varies depending on the country where the candidate is to be employed . It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the legal requirements relating to annual leave are met. To attract the very best candidates, it may be necessary to match or improve the individuals’ current holiday entitlement.

Do I need to provide an employment contract?

Employment law varies depending on where the candidate is to be employed. When drawing up a Contract of Employment, Greycoat advises clients to seek professional advice from a employment lawyer within the country where the candidate will be working. Greycoat does not provide international employment contracts.

Do salary and benefits packages vary greatly from UK remuneration packages?

Salaries and benefits vary from country to country. Factors such as the cost of living, whether accommodation is provided, levels of tax and availability of candidates in the marketplace all affect salary levels. Speak to a Greycoat International Consultant who will be able to advise you on the country you are seeking to recruit in.

Do I need to provide live in Accommodation?

If a candidate is relocating from another country and the position does not include live-in accommodation, it is standard practice to provide accommodation for the first 3 months of employment. Greycoat recommends clients keep an open mind and remain flexible when considering whether to employ live-in or live-out household staff, in order to attract the best candidates.

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