Desired Location: South of France – Villefranche sur Mer 
Live In or Live Out: Have Live out accommodation in Villefranche otherwise live in 
Salary Expectation: €6,000 NET (Take home) Combined per month
Available from: Dependent on offer (2weeks – 1 Month)
Candidate ID: 64937

Due to their exceptional experience and longevity in previous roles, Greycoat Lumleys are proud to represent this couple available for live out roles near Villefranche sur Mer or live in roles along the French Riviera. Both candidates have very good referencing information, very good longevity for high profile clients and very good experience on the French Riviera.

The lady has exceptional experience as a Head Housekeeper with great attention to details and experience with fine Fabrics, ironing, steaming and wardrobe care as well as Household management in all areas. The Gentleman is a capable Handyman and Gardener with Property management skills and professional driving skills. Both candidates are confident drivers. Furthermore, the lady speaks fluent French.

They are both available for a start date in June 2024 and the lady can start immediately. We feel that their experience, aptitude, general work ethic and advanced skills merit a competitive salary.  

Both candidates have the right to work in France.

Call   +44 (0) 20 7233 9950  Email Archie McClintock
Desired Location: Mougins
Live In or Live Out: Live out Near Mougins
Salary Expectation: €5,000 Net per month
Available from: 1 Month Notice period
Candidate ID: 123664

A lovely caring couple with experience as a housekeeper and gardener/handyman duo are seeking their next position. They are based in the Mougins area and are knowledgeable of the local area. The lady speaks a good level of English and the gentleman’s is conversational. Both speak conversational French and fluent Tagalog. They both have French Carte de Sejours and ample private Households experience with some good longevity on their CV’s. Both have excellent work hard personalities. Together they cover the following domestic services:

  • Housekeeping and Laundry

  • Basic Household cooking

  • Driving and errand running

  • Vehicle valeting

  • Indoor maintenance skills

  • Outside gardening and maintenance

Call   +44 (0) 20 7233 9950  Email Archie McClintock
Desired Location: France
Live In or Live Out: Live in
Salary Expectation: €5,000 NET per month
Available from: April 2024
Candidate ID: 123727

These candidates who have been working in the Alps over the course of the last winter have excellent Hospitality experience. They have worked summer seasons in Greece as well as co-managed busy restaurants in the UK. Both drive and neither have pets or dependents. The lady in the couple speaks fluent French and conversational Spanish and has a background in the luxury yachting industry also. The gentleman has been employed as a Resort manager, chalet manager and villa manager and is hands on with any given task. They are both astute, professionally minded, well presented, and motivated to find work in a Private Household or rented Villa.  This couples is also energetic, outgoing and enthusiastic about the outdoors. They would suit a summer seasonal role in the South of France or a Winter ski position and are hoping to renew their French Carte de Sejours. The lady is a confident household cook.

Call   +44 (0) 20 7233 9950  Email Archie McClintock
Desired Location: France open to opportunities 
Live In or Live Out: Accommodation provided 
Salary Expectation:€4,500 NET per month combined
Available from: April 2024
Candidate ID:123468

An excellent all round Ski couple with service and chalet management experience in Ski resorts. Outgoing, pleasant & upbeat this couple have acquired many skills to be abel to operate and manage both private and rental chalets affectively. Both are keen outdoor enthusiasts and love the Mountains. Currently based in Morzine they are also mature and professional and have previous successful careers in the UK before having moved to France. Their Carte de Sejour are in progress, but they currently have French work Visas.

They can assist in all areas of Chalet management, including – daily housekeeping, laundry management, busy changeover days, daily cooking and baking, provisioning/shopping driving on mountain roads, snow clearing and property maintenance. They are seeking a position that will enable them to stay in the mountains year-round but are happy to apply for seasonal roles in the south of France also.

Call   +44 (0) 20 7233 9950  Email Archie McClintock
Desired Location: France 
Live In or Live Out: Live in 
Salary Expectation: €5,000 NET P/M
Available from: May 2024
Candidate ID: 123170

Both candidates are fluent in English and French and both drive. These candidates currently operate all aspects of a private rental Chalet in the French Pyrenees and are well travelled having spent some of their working careers in New Zealand. They are in their mid-thirties with no pets or dependents. The gentleman is a capable handyman, driver, Gardner and takes pride in his work. He is open and flexible and an excellent communicator, front of house/host with service skills also. The Lady is a capable housekeeper/cook, who undertakes extra duties such as childcare, shopping and provisioning as well as laundry requirements for rental guests. They are not overly formal but are friendly and professional outgoing personalities. They are looking for a new Challenge & hope for a role that will allow them to be in a new location and flourish in the service of one private family rather than work in the Chalet rental market. They are a capable and hands on duo who place the needs of their employers before their own and are hopeful of an opportunity to work for a single family in a more private environment.

Call   +44 (0) 20 7233 9950  Email Archie McClintock
Desired Location: French Riviera
Live In or Live Out Live In
Salary Expectation: Negotiable
Available from: ASAP
Candidate ID: 100074

An astute and dependable British Couple with ample experience in Domestic service and Villa Management are seeking a live-in position as a Domestic couple or a guardianship position. They have full French Carte de Sejour’s and are seeking a new position due to the fact that one of the properties they currently manage is being sold. The gentleman has experience in gardening, exterior maintenance, swimming pool care and driving. The lady has experience in both housekeeping and laundry as well as being a competent household cook. Both are happy, bright, and positive individuals with good levels of work experience and are available to start a new position ASAP. They have a medium-sized well-mannered lazy dog named Gus. An outline of their skills and duties can be found below and this couple have excellent references from previous employers.


  • Driver

  • Maintenance Man

  • Gardener

  • Pet care


  • Housekeeper

  • Laundress

  • Cook

  • Pet Care

Call   +44 (0) 20 7233 9950  Email Archie McClintock
Candidate ID:121031
Availability: Immediate
Location: Flexible
Salary: €5,500 NET P/M
Live in or Live Out: Live in

These candidates come from a strong yachting villa & yachting background and the gentleman has excellent maintenance and technical skills, including woodwork, pool maintenance, plum & gardening. The lady is more focused and professional Housekeeping and loves interior decor and design. She is also a capable household cook and loves cooking. These candidates have strong written and verbally checked references and are currently based in Palma. They are seeking a land based permanent position anywhere in Europe. Both drive and they are married. The gentleman has an EU passport and as his wife The lady can claim a spousal visa in any EU country. This couple’s reference information supports their strong work ethics, positive mentality, strong domestic skills and hand on natures. They are both quiet and demure yet engaging and experienced, witty yet calm.

Call   +44 (0) 20 7233 9950  Email Archie McClintock
Candidate ID:121481
Live in or Live Out: Live in
Location: Europe or UK
Availability: Immediately Available (July 2023) 
Salary:  €5,000 NET P/M

As energetic and willing candidates this couple has experience with pet care, cooking, housekeeping, laundry, and ironing, driving and light gardening as well as handyman duties. They are guest focused and seek a new project and private client who they can dedicate at least the next 5 years of service to. They are recently married & do not have Pets or dependents of their own. Both drive and have good levels of English. 

Call   +44 (0) 20 7233 9950  Email Archie McClintock
Candidate ID: 120920
Live in or Live Out: Live In - accommodation provided.
Availability: Available 
Location: Currently Austria
Salary: €6,000 NET P/M

A uniquely experienced management couple with excellent references. They have experience managing large private estates and private islands for discerning principals. In total both candidates speak 7 languages fluently and have experience of working all over the world including the Bahamas, Fiji, Tuscany and New Zealand. They operate and manage small teams to insure the seamless functionality of extensive private properties. They seek a position in a management capacity and present a safe pair of hands in the service sector. Both drive and they grown up children but no pets. Both are degree educated and the female candidate has a private pilots license. This couple would suit a rural but exclusive location where a private client has a unique property/asset which needs complete care and attention.

Call   +44 (0) 20 7233 9950     Email Archie McClintock
Candidate ID:121387
Live in or Live Out: Live in
Availability: July 2023
Location: France
Salary: €5,000 NET P/M

A wonderful Filipino couple with ample experience in Domestic service are seeking a live in position as a Domestic couple. They have full French Carte de Sejour’s and are used to both formal and informal service. The gentleman has experience working in an Embassy so understands protocol and formality. The lady has both experience in housekeeping and laundry as well as working in childcare. Both are discreet and prioritise the changing needs of their Principals, they have ween working as a domestic couple for the lats two years for the same employer between Paris and St Tropez. Both are happy, bright, and positive individuals with good levels of work experience and are available in July 2023 to start a new position. They are seeking a new position as their current employer is selling their property. An outline of their skills and duties can be found below and this couple have excellent references form previous employers. 


  • Housekeeper

  • Laundress

  • Nanny

  • Cook

  • Pet Care


  • Handyman

  • Driver

  • Housekeeper

  • Maintenance Man

  • Gardener

  • Pet care

Call  +44 (0) 20 7233 9950       Email Archie McClintock
Desired Location: Anywhere in Europe
Candidate ID: 120673
Live in or Live Out: Live in
Availability: Immediate
Salary: €5,000 NET P/M

A Portuguese couple with experience in private service are seeking a new position as a Domestic couple. Currently based in Portugal and available for an immediate start they are both drivers, do not have pets for dependents and have excellent skill sets including nut not limited to:

  • Laundry

  • Wardrobe care

  • Housekeeping

  • Cooking

  • Handyman/Maintenance/Garden

  • Driving & Errand running

  • Service to table

  • Welcoming and greeting guests

Both are hard workers who cope well under pressure and are happy to relocate anywhere within Europe. They describe themselves as “very professional, hands on, trustworthy, discreet, and good communicators. Our experience in the luxury industry, has provided us with the expertise to be able to make a valuable contribution to every place where we work.”

Call  +44 (0) 20 7233 9950     Email Archie McClintock
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