Position: Chalet Manager/Chef
Desired Location: International
Live In or Live Out: Live in
Available: ASAP
Candidate ID: 67545

This candidate came across as professional, warm, and incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of managing staff and guest expectations. With 7years experience in management, the candidates adaptability and organisation skills are fantastic as she has managed teams as large as 14 permanent staff and 20 temp staff. The candidate has great personal and professional relationships with her previous positions as she has been asked to come back many times
over the years. Not only is this candidate skilled as a manager, but she is also an experienced Chef, which gives her a unique relationship with the Chef in the Chalet as she understands the pressure and expertise that the job requires. This candidate is excited about progressing in her career as a chalet manager.

Call +44 (0) 20 72339950 Email Abbie Maybanks

Position: Chalet Manager
Desired Location: International
Live In or Live Out: Live in
Available: ASAP
Candidate ID: 113667

This candidate has been in his current role for 7 years, which we hold an excellent verbally checked reference for him, from the owner of the Villa. He comes across as a calm, well presented individual, who is excited about his next opportunity. He is very passionate about the hospitality industry as he has over 20 years’ experience in Villas, Hotels, and resorts. In his career, he has managed many staff and is always very hands-on with training and day to day tasks. This candidate has a great can do attitude and he has proven that he is willing to step in anywhere that needs help and he is actively seeking his next Manager position.

Call +44 (0) 20 72339950 Email Abbie Maybanks

Position: Couple – Host and Chef
Desired Location: International
Live In or Live Out: Live in
Available: ASAP
Candidate ID: 115098

 A Bachelor graduate in International Business Sales & Marketing, this candidate has a number of years of experience in the hospitality, retail and holiday sectors. Through her work experience, she has improved her skills in customer relations, and private service and has become more autonomous and multi–skilled. She is smiley, polite, and well-presented and would suit a Winter Chalet position alongside her partner, who like her has a wonderfully positive attitude towards work. Always looking for new experiences, her partner likes to try new things and learn new skills and does his best to succeed in any role given to him. A real proactive and driven individual. This candidate Loves working with people and loves the Hospitality industry for that reason. "I have a good understanding of people and try to give them always what they ask, as the empathy that is needed is a basic part of my character." This candidate enjoys cooking immensely and would be a great fit as a Chalet chef.

Call +44 (0) 20 72339950 Email Abbie Maybanks

Position: Chef
Desired Location: International
Live In or Live Out: Live in
Available: ASAP
Candidate ID: 114400

 This candidate is a qualified Cordon Bleu Chef experienced in both private and corporate kitchens. She has good knowledge of food preparation and kitchen management with exceptional communication skills and ability to give clear instructions to subordinates. She is experienced in many variations and themes of cooking, from traditional English cuisine to Oriental, Asian, Indian and Thai. She has a passion for baking and desserts and also enjoys preparing Vegan recipes She is an organised and reliable person with outstanding menu creation capabilities. She is incredibly hard working, an honest individual and always friendly and polite.

Call +44 (0) 20 72339950 Email Abbie Maybanks

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