How to successfully interview over Video calls

How to successfully interview over Video calls

Recruiting for household staff now more than ever involves asking candidates to take part in a video interview, often for the initial stage.
The benefits are clear: it saves a great deal of time for both employer and candidate, it’s convenient and it saves unnecessary costs such as travel expenses, especially if the candidate or employer lives abroad.
For candidates it really is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and introduce yourself to a future employer in a manner that allows your personality to shine through.
However, it can feel like an added pressure and feeling comfortable and confident in front of a camera can, to some, feel like an impossible challenge.
So, to try and make the opportunity run as smoothly as possible we have put together our top tips guide on how to prepare to be successful in video interviews:

  • Plan ahead - most video interviews will be conducted via Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype so plan ahead for where you are going to conduct the interview, think about:
    • Internet connection
    • Sound quality - avoid loud busy places
    • Ensuring that the other person can see you properly and that you can make good eye contact
    • Think about the lighting and the background, you want to attract your interviewers' attention for the right reasons.

  • Consider what to wear - video interviews are no different than any other interview, so you still need to dress smartly and be presentable. You can never go wrong with wearing a suit.

  • Consider what you will say - you need to be as prepared as for any other interview and you will be asked the same types of questions, so think ahead to what you want to say in order to appear engaged and memorable.

 Have your CV in front of you so that you can easily recall any information and appear organised and you can leave yourself some pointers of what you really want to get across off camera and in plain sight for you.

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